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What Our Students Say

“I decided to study at Leeds City College because I liked the equipment and the rooms that they had, and I liked how it was a whole new space – it had only recently been built so everything was brand spanking new and it looked really clean and really nice.”


“The tutors here, they are really interactive and they’re always there, even outside of lessons whenever you need something, we don’t go around calling everyone Sir or Miss, second names – we use first names for everything and there’s a more relaxed and friendly communication between the tutors and the students.”


“So the tutors are great for a number of reasons – they’re casual, you don’t feel like you’re being forced to do anything that’s uncomfortable, they’re not strict, they’ll have a laugh with you if you want to and they know how to get stuff done when they need to if we’re on a bit of a time crunch, but they also know how to have a bit of fun and not put pressure on you – and they’re great, they’re always there to give you information if you need it for at-home tasks and they’re always on Google Hangouts to message you if you need anything and they get back to you really quickly.”


Did you know!

  • Our T Level students programme robots - who we call ‘Salt’ and ‘Pepper’!
  • Our students design realistic spaces in virtual environments using VR headsets
  • We offer accredited networking qualifications, including Cisco, Microsoft and VMWare

About Computing & Digital

As our reliance on technology increases, undertaking courses in digital, computing or information technology is more relevant than ever. Advances in technology mean it’s an exciting time to study this rapidly developing sector.

Whether you’re interested in computer science, cyber security, or coding, we have courses to match your interests. From introductory certificates to more advanced, specialised programmes, you can choose from over 20 digital and IT-related courses.

Want a combination of practical, hands-on training and academic learning? Our T Levels in Computer Game Development, Networking, Cyber Security & Emerging Technologies, Software, Cyber Security & Network Engineering could be what you’re looking for.

You will have access to industry-standard tools and software, ensuring you get the best preparation for entering this fast-paced sector.


We are committed to making sure all students and staff are protected from harm. All staff are trained in safeguarding and child protection, and our dedicated Safeguarding team is on hand for advice and support. Don’t stay silent, we are here for you.
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Employment Statistics

  • There are 22,526 jobs in the IT sector in Leeds, which means the IT sector in Leeds has 6% more employees than the national average. (EMSI, 2019)
  • By 2024, the operations technician, programming and software development labour market in Leeds is predicted to grow by 3.6%. (EMSI, 2019)

Average salaries of the careers in this subject area are:

  • IT engineers

    Average Salary
  • Programmers and software development professionals

    Average Salary
  • Information technology and telecommunications professionals n.e.c.

    Average Salary