Computer Game Design and Development

Access to HE , Level 3
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What Our Students Say

“I think it’s the fact of being able to progress your creativity and be able to work on very new ideas – so whether if you’re going to do like a music video, a documentary, a short film, those sort of like projects where you just get something new, something you haven’t even done before, um it helps to expand your mind into something completely different and work into something that’s not the same thing as you’ve done before.”

Scott, Creative Media

“You get so much experience, like you’re not just doing one side of journalism you’re doing all different things – so one day you’ll be doing some magazines and then the next you’ll be filming in the TV studio so it’s just great to get to experience all kinds of journalism so then you get to decide which part you want to go into.”

Alannah, Creative Media

“The equipment is equipment that I’ve never actually used before coming to college and you know I had to learn about it, but when I did actually learn about it and get to grips with it a bit it really helped me be able to create new sounds on my instruments and stuff like that, and be able to kind of work with them a bit instead of just using old 2001 amps from my old school, so it was pretty nice to be able to use actually new modern equipment.”

Tom, Music Performance

Course Information


The Access to Computer Game Design and Development Access to HE Diploma allows you to level up your skills in games design and development for creative industries and relevant degree courses.

The course content is delivered using industry-standard software/hardware for 3D modelling and games development. You will be using packages such as Unreal Engine, 3DS Max/Maya, Adobe Suite, and Visual Studio.

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Who is this course for?

An access to HE diploma is designed for adult learners (19+) to bridge the gap between GCSEs and higher education. You will be fully supported throughout the programme and will gain support with writing your personal statement and applying to university.

Funding is available through an Advanced Learner Loan. Entry is by interview, with dates occurring throughout the year. You will normally need to have GCSEs in English, maths and science at grade 4-9 but it is possible to study one of these alongside an access course. Please also check your chosen university for their entry requirements, before commencing an access to HE course.

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Benefits and skills

You will gain knowledge in how to develop an idea from concept to a final computer game covering a range of skills in graphics, 3D modelling, programming, game engines, and web design.

The course develops crucial academic skills (such as academic writing, time management, research and analysis) in addition to delivering knowledge of computer games and employment-related skills.

What you will learn:

  • Game development using Unreal Engine.
  • Game design.
  • Concept art and digital graphics.
  • 3D game models using 3DS Max or Maya.
  • Programming in C++, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Website development.
  • Research techniques and project management.
  • Academic skills including report writing, presentational skills and how to prepare for HE.

Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

Successful students will gain a qualification in Access to HE (equivalent to three A levels). Students can progress on to a degree course in related fields such as games development, games design or computer programming.

University Centre Leeds offers progression to the Computer Games Foundation Degree which focuses on industrial techniques and workflows to create indie game creators and games artists.

Course details

Duration: 1 year
Start Date: 09/09/2024
Study Type: Full time
Course Code: 73842-01
Fees (Adult): £3,928

Please note that for all courses starting on 9th September, there will be an induction week, WC 2nd September.

Employment Statistics

  • Programmers and software development professionals

    Average Salary

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