T Levels education with experience

Looking for a different approach to your post-GCSE learning? Take a look at T Levels. Combining classroom learning with work experience, you will earn a qualification equivalent to three A levels and gain valuable industry skills that employers seek.

Choose your T Level

At Leeds City College you can choose T Level courses in the following areas:


Management & Administration

Learn important theoretical knowledge of how a business operates alongside gaining hands-on experience in the workplace, preparing you to make a meaningful impact when you progress into the world of work.
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Digital Production, Design & Development

Computer Game Development
Passionate about the web, games industry or business? Train in the technologies that computer programmers need for an ever-changing world.
View courseNetworking, Cyber Security & Emerging Technologies
Develop your understanding of programming, cyber security, cloud environments and emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence.
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Software, Cyber Security & Network Engineering
If you’re wanting to prepare for the world of work, this course will get you ‘career ready.’ Explore the world of Computer Science & IT whilst boosting your employability skills.
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Education & Childcare

Technical Qualification in Education & Childcare
Gain the skills you need to progress in education and childcare, and specialise as an early years educator or teaching assistant.
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Engineering & Manufacturing

Design & Development for Engineering Manufacturing
Gain an understanding of what is needed to work within the engineering industry – from customer and client requirements to communication and design processes.Passionate about the web, games industry or business? Train in the technologies that computer programmers need for an ever-changing world.
View courseMaintenance, Installation & Repair
Learn how to maintain and fix a range of mechanical devices. Topics include: fault detection, diagnosis, isolation and resolution methods.
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Manufacturing, Processing & Control
Pair your love of design with an understanding of the engineering industry. Learn about the principles of design, meeting customer requirements and design processes.
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Health & Science

Technical T Level in Health
Put your compassionate nature to good use by learning the practices of person-centred care. Choose to specialise in adult nursing, therapeutic support or mental health.
View courseLaboratory Science
Looking for a hands-on route into a scientific or lab-based work setting? From key regulations to good clinical practice, this is a great way to put the theory you learn into practice.
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T-Levels available from September 2024

Legal, Finance & Accounting

Agriculture, Environmental & Animal Care

Creative & Design

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10 Reasons to choose a T Level

Gain an industry-recognised qualification

Specialise in the subject you want a career in

One T Level = three A levels

Education that suits your learning and work style

80% classroom work, 20% work experience

Gain transferable technical skills

Industry placements = industry head start

No tuition fee

Over 200 businesses have endorsed T Levels

Progress to university*

T Levels: what to learn

Two years of learning

Expert tutors with first-hand industry experience

Industry placement of at least 315 hours (45 days) with one of our established Leeds City Region employers.

T Levels: what you gain

A qualification equivalent to three A levels

A nationally-recognised certificate showing the overall grade received and modules studied

Transferable technical skills

Valuable connections – which could lead to you being offered paid work following your industry placement

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How do I apply? Applying for a T Level is just like applying for any of our courses.

Make sure you have the following to hand in order to complete your application.

Personal details (name, age, date of birth, address, contact details)

Course information (subject, course type)

Support requirements (what support will you need?)

Future plans (your intended career route)

If you have any questions, contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.
What else can I study?

Not sure a T Level is quite right for you? No problem, why not explore our other options for school leavers? We have a wide range of courses available.

Are you an employer looking to host an industry placement?

We welcome enquiries from potential industry partners. To find out more about hosting T Level students in your business, please click here.

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