SKILLUP to Data Management, Analytics and Spreadsheets

Award , Level 2
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What Our Students Say

“I’m working really well with my tutors – they’re really supportive and we just have a laugh. It’s like a really nice atmosphere. I think the facilities are really fantastic.”


“The tutors here, they are really interactive and they’re always there, even outside of lessons whenever you need something, we don’t go around calling everyone Sir or Miss, second names – we use first names for everything and there’s a more relaxed and friendly communication between the tutors and the students.”


“When I first came I didn’t know anybody at the college but because it’s people you’re surrounded by and people with similar interests to you, you do make friends quickly and you make really close friendships with people because you’re listening to the same things and you’re going through the same things, and you can help each other as well.”


Did you know!

  • Harness big data and identify new business opportunities, cut cost and increase efficiency.
  • Gain confidence in working with data.
  • Develop an understanding of spreadsheet software tools and techniques, how to apply advanced formulas and functions to process data and use automated tools to aid productivity.

Course Information


Discover digital data management.

More about STEM


Are you wanting to harness the power of data? Looking to organise information
and wanting to use spreadsheets to their full potential? This course will teach
you how to create data reports, use functions and formulas to process that data
and introduce you to automated tools which will increase productivity.

Gain confidence in the handling and analysis of data as you learn to predict
patterns and trends. You will learn how to display data in graphical formats and
become confident with the different functions available within spreadsheets. The
course will see you develop your knowledge of data analysis techniques and learn
how to use these to improve productivity and performance.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to organise data and maximise the insight it can provide.

Course units/modules

Digital and IT Skills Award Level 2

Benefits and skills

You will develop knowledge and understanding of the core areas of data analytics and gain an introduction to the skills required in business to create and manipulate data using spreadsheets.

Entry requirements


Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

Options for further study include our Level 3 Social Media and E-Commerce course, as well as our Information Communication Technician Apprenticeship or Digital Marketer Apprenticeship, both at Level 3. Data-specific job roles include that of data manager, data analyst or working in data entry; other roles where this course is beneficial include financial assistant and Microsoft office specialist.

Assessment types

Assessment will take the form of an audio recording, presentation and an assignment.

Course details

Duration: Data Management will be 3 sessions (2 week live sessions + 1 week assessment) Spreadsheets - 6 online, 2 hour live sessions + 1 week assessment
Study Type: Part time
Course Code: 78071-01

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