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What Our Students Say

“Because I’ve got autism and I’d sometimes have trouble understanding things – because I need stuff breaking down into detail and explaining to me in a perfect way, in a much more understanding way, I have tutors that understand me a bit more.”


“The tutors here, they are really interactive and they’re always there, even outside of lessons whenever you need something, we don’t go around calling everyone Sir or Miss, second names – we use first names for everything and there’s a more relaxed and friendly communication between the tutors and the students.”


“Before I came to Leeds City College, I was in school, I was in such a bad way at school, skiving lessons all the time, teachers always on my case, getting kicked out numerous times almost. So I applied for here just hoping to get on a course, I got accepted – it was entry Level 3. Dave was my tutor and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better as a tutor, because he just helped me. He helped me with every regard, with Maths and English, workshop work, the theory side of the workshop work – telling me how everything is and showing me what’s what.”


Did you know!

  • Using digital devices and handling information securely & Creating and editing digital documents
  • Communicating online & Staying safe and responsible online
  • Registering for online services and conducting online transactions

Course Information


After you Apply, we will invite you for an assessment to check your level.

This will make sure you start at the best level for you to achieve. We have Entry, level 1 and GCSE courses. Choose to study at:

  • Deacon House, LS14
  • Enfield Centre, LS7
  • Joseph Priestley, LS11

We have courses for complete beginners with computers, to Level 1 Essential Digital Skills. Click Apply Now and a teacher/assessor will discuss the best options for you.

The Essential Digital Skills qualification gives learners the skills needed to navigate the digital world in day-to-day life (using your Mobile phone, saving files, using a Laptop). Digital and IT skills are key qualities that employers look for – with over 70% of businesses stating their staff require basic digital skills to enable them to complete their job effectively.


The Essential Digital Skills course teaches adults the skills they need to
participate and communicate successfully in the online world. Students will
learn how to use technology, computers and other digital devices in their home
and work life, allowing them to build confidence and simplify everyday tasks.
The course covers a broad range of IT knowledge and students will learn through
an online platform, which they can complete in their own time.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at adults to help improve basic technology skills and increase their understanding of the digital world.

Course units/modules

This course consist of five modules, and the main themes explored include:

  • Building confidence in using computers, tablets, smartphones and wearable tech
  • Solving simple faults and technical issues
  • Finding and downloading apps
  • Shopping effectively online and making purchases
  • Understanding social media and reporting concerns

Benefits and skills

  • How to use devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Communicating online
  • Browsing the internet

Entry requirements

Aged 19+

Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

Digital and IT skills are now being sought after by lots of different employers. A qualification demonstrating IT skills will help enhance your CV.

  • Office assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Retail assistant
  • Despatch clerk/warehouse operative

Assessment types

There is an exam at the end of the course giving you your qualification.

Course details

Duration: 12 weeks
Study Type: Part time
Course Code: 78322-01

Please note that for all courses starting on 9th September, there will be an induction week, WC 2nd September.

Employment Statistics

  • Human resources administrative occupations

    Average Salary
  • School secretaries

    Average Salary
  • Other administrative occupations n.e.c.

    Average Salary

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