School of Travel, Food & Drink

City and Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Culinary Skills

This qualification will help you become an experienced chef. You’ll gain a high standard of cookery skills and have the option to learn further work...

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NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Food and Beverage Service

This qualification provides the required skills and knowledge for working in the hospitality and catering industry. It is designed to meet the needs o...

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Level 3 Diploma in Professional Patisserie and Confectionery

This course enables students to develop the required skills and knowledge to become professional patisserie chefs. You will study in our state-of-the-...

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About the School

The School of Travel, Food & Drink consists of two departments that cater to students that wish to specialise in the food, travel, or hospitality sectors. Students can combine practical and theoretical knowledge, mixing creativity, stellar service, and a wider vision to prosper in their professions.



Air cabin simulator, world-class kitchens, and showcase opportunities in the student shop and a flourishing commercial restaurant.

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A discounted Disneyland trip is available for our Level 3 travel and tourism students from the store.


Do students studying food and drink courses get work experience opportunities?

Yes, students are trained in professional kitchens to perfect their practice. Students can showcase their creations in the student shop as well as host a dinner service at the Student Spotlight event in a flourishing restaurant.

What facilities are available for travel courses?

We have an air cabin simulator which is perfect for our budding air cabin crew to train in. We also have a Travel and Tourism European Work Placement available this year where students can study and work abroad!

What are the progression routes from your courses?

Progression routes are available from Entry Level through to Level 3 within the Food and Drink department. For the Travel and Aviation department, progression routes are available from Level 1 to Level 3. University Centre Leeds also offers a degree in Tourism and Aviation as further progression for Level 3 students.

Does the college offer any financial support for students?

Yes, students can apply for the college bursary which can pay for travel passes, college meals and trips. Students with children can also gain support with childcare to support their studies.

Which campus are you based at?

We are based at Printworks Campus.


We are committed to making sure all students and staff are protected from harm. All staff are trained in safeguarding and child protection and our dedicated safeguarding team is on hand for advice and support. Don’t stay silent, we are here for you.

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School of Travel, Food & Drink

Baker Apprenticeship Level 2

This programme will focus on making bread products in an industrial, in-store or craft bakery environment.

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Hospitality Team Member Apprenticeship Level 2

This programme allows students to work in the hospitality sector. Hospitality team members carry out a range of general and specialist roles within ho...

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Commis Chef Apprenticeship Level 2

This programme will allow students to train in the kitchen to become commis chefs. A commis chef learns how to carry out the basic functions in every ...

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Did you know we have 541,720,573 resources at Leeds City College?

Did you know we have 541,720,573 resources at Leeds City College?

The resources include books, journals, e-books, videos, encyclopedias and more. These resources are the combined total number of resources at Joseph Priestley Centre, Beeston, Rothwell Centre, The Annexe, Printworks Campus and Park Lane Campus. We also have 12,277 e-books across Leeds City College libraries and more than 500,000 videos!

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