Festival Of Learning

Change your fortune through the
Festival of Learning

May-June 2022

We’re holding two special, fun-focused information days in the heart of Leeds to raise awareness and highlight the many benefits of adult learning.

The interactive events will take place at White Rose Shopping Centre on Tuesday 31 May and at Trinity Leeds on Wednesday 1 June. The star of the show on both occasions will be Zoltar, an eye-catching, mechanised fortune teller who shoppers can approach to receive cards featuring fun facts about lifelong education.

Everyone who approaches Zoltar will also be presented with a Festival of Learning branded tote bag filled with leaflets containing information about adult learning provision across our region.

Opening up a world of opportunities

Zoltar’s messages will shine a light on the many benefits lifelong learning can bring. Those include:

  • The chance, through upskilling and reskilling, to secure better qualified or higher paid jobs
  • Enriching the lives of learners by giving them more options and a greater ability to respond to the unexpected
  • A boost to wellbeing and self-esteem through meeting new people and rising to challenges

Arrangements to fit all lifestyles

Shoppers will also find out about the wide range of support that is available for adult learners, including:

  • Flexible study arrangements and timetables to fit in with childcare, work and other commitments
  • A range of financial support
  • Support with language and English speaking skills
  • A safe learning environment

More on the Festival of Learning

We’re proud to be part of the Festival of Learning – a national campaign that celebrates the achievements of, and opportunities available to, adult learners.

As part of our support for the Festival in 2021, we held a Have a Go Fortnight to let adults sample some of the many and varied activities our courses include.

The Festival of Learning seeks to promote the benefits of lifelong learning and help adults aged 19 and over discover their passion.

Adult student smiling and collaborating with other students on a project

Whether you want to learn essential skills, upskill and reskill for your career, or pursue a hobby – there is something for everyone, regardless of age and at all levels from beginners to higher education.

Through the Festival of Learning, we hope to shine a light on the different expressions of adult education by creating inclusive opportunities for those who want to return to education for the first time, try something new or improve their skills.

We’re committed to supporting everyone with guidance. We offer adult courses in Access to Higher Education, Professional, Vocational, Essential Skills and Leisure.

Adult students smiling in discussion in front of laptop

Inspiring stories from adult learners

Taking on the challenge of studying again after a break can be a daunting prospect, but the rewards are great. As well as unlocking a whole new intellectual world it can also instil self-belief and confidence – and set you on the path towards the career you’ve dreamed of.

Find out more about individuals who have overcome personal challenges to excel in their studies and lives.

Our partners

Luminate Education Group, which comprises Leeds City College, Keighley College, Harrogate College, Yorkshire Centre for Training and Development (YCTD) and University Centre Leeds, is working with local partners to deliver programmes that develop skills and support the mental health and wellbeing of adults in Leeds City Region. These include:

We know that many adults across the region have other commitments, such as families and jobs. Together, we will provide flexible learning approaches which accommodate your commitments, encouraging you to upskill and reskill in a Covid-19 safe environment. Please note, these are not the only adult events and courses in the region. There are many additional adult learning opportunities across the region.

Get in touch with us today

If you have any questions about studying or know someone who is thinking about career development and their options for the future, get in touch with us today.

Fill in our quick enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you. You can also email us at Contact@leedscitycollege.ac.uk or give us a call on 0113 386 1997.

The Festival of Learning partnership offers a wealth of resources and events for adult learners: leedsadultlearning.co.uk

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