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NCFE Certificate , Level 1
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What Our Students Say

“The tutors here, they are really interactive and they’re always there, even outside of lessons whenever you need something, we don’t go around calling everyone Sir or Miss, second names – we use first names for everything and there’s a more relaxed and friendly communication between the tutors and the students.”


I think I’ve really enjoyed the fact that I’ve had to make new friendships, especially because I didn’t know anyone coming in – but after the first few weeks I think I’ve adapted to it really well.


“I’m working really well with my tutors – they’re really supportive and we just have a laugh. It’s like a really nice atmosphere. I think the facilities are really fantastic.”


Course Information


Wanting to kick start your career in aviation? This course will prepare you with the foundation knowledge. You will learn about the different types of aircraft used and how to keep passengers safe and secure within an airport. You will also learn how to use aviation communication and locate worldwide Airports.


This course will prepare you to work within an airport and understand the basic functioning of airport operations. You will develop customer service skills and prepare for employment within the aviation industry.

Video Transcript

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INTERVIEWEE – DONNA FEENY – Head of Travel, Food & Drink (SPEAKING)

Scenery – Two students in cabin crew uniform stood at the entrance to the aeroplane cabin simulator.

Scenery – A student lifts a bag and places it in the overhead locker and closes it.

Donna Feeny – “Hello, my name is Donna Feeny I’m the head of the school of travel, food and drink at the printworks campus.”

Donna Feeny – “We’re a fantastic further education institute in the UK and we deliver amazing aviation courses, we’ve got facilities at the printworks campus that are second to none.”

Scenery – A student is pushing a food and drink trolley down the middle of the aisle.

Scenery – They stop to open a passengers tray table and place a tray of food on it.

Donna Feeny – “We’ve got the air cabin mockup where the students that come here will spend a lot of time on their course within this simulated environment and they will do a lot of practical work. They can do emergencies, safety demos, the service side of things as well.”

Donna Feeny – “When students leave Leeds City College as aviation students they are fully prepared to be projected straight into the industry.”

Scenery – A student places on an oxygen mask as part of a mock safety demonstration.

Scenery – A student places a life jacket on and ties it around their waist as part of the mock safety demonstration.

Donna Feeny – “All the tutors keep updated with industry so they are all current and up to date. We have excellent links with the industry which we use to enhance what we teach and to support our students into work after the course, the whole idea of this is to get the students into work. So people like Jet2, we have guest speakers in from Jet2 all the time we have good links with them. Just last week we had Emirates cabin crew in talking to the students during lockdown over a google meets call.”

Scenery – A student is practising leading a safety drill under the guidance of a tutor.

Donna Feeny – “We have excellent links with Leeds Bradford Airport and it’s a really exciting time for Leeds Bradford Airport, I’m not sure if you’ve seen in the news but in 3 years time they have plans to open their brand new terminal at Leeds Bradford. It’s huge, it’s so impressive and due to our links our students can come and study here and be exactly where they need to be in order to get the jobs in this brand new terminal as soon as it takes off.”

Scenery – A wide shot of the empty aeroplane cabin simulator showing the seats, windows and overhead lockers.

Scenery – A student opens and removes a storage container from the mock galley kitchen.

Donna Feeny – “We pride ourselves on exacting standards at Leeds City College and it emulates that in line with what airlines require as well, which helps to prepare the students and you can see that in college with our students with the uniform that they wear. So again our students take pride in how they come to college every day, they dress smart, they are exactly in line with what airlines would require and they are striking uniforms and we are really proud of them every day. More importantly, the students are really proud to wear it.” End Slide – Leeds City College (School of Travel, Food & Drink) END

Who is this course for?

School leavers and people who have a genuine interest in airlines and airports.

Course units/modules

  • The aviation industry
  • Aviation terminology
  • Airport locational geography
  • Customer service in aviation
  • Teamwork in the aviation industry
  • Preparation for entry to employment in the aviation industry

Benefits and skills

  • Develop relevant skills to help you understand the functionings of the aviation industry
  • Allow you to progress onto Level 2 Cabin Crew qualification

Entry requirements

Minimum Grade 2 in English and Maths.

Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

  • Cabin crew
  • Airport security
  • Airport health and safety officer
  • Check in agent
  • Baggage handler

Assessment types

Practical and digital assessments.

Course details

Duration: 10 months
Start Date: 09/09/2024
Fees (16-18): No fee
Study Type: Full time
Course Code: 78845-01

Please note that for all courses starting on 9th September, there will be an induction week, WC 2nd September.

Employment Statistics

  • Travel agents

    Average Salary
  • Air travel assistants

    Average Salary
  • Travel agency managers and proprietors

    Average Salary

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