Park Lane Campus

Less than 15 minutes from the train station, Park Lane Campus is on the edge of Leeds’ illustrious city centre. It features a seven storey, 60 room, energy efficient annexe as well as solar panels and sedum plants. 

The expert staff and modern facilities at Park Lane provide students with everything they need to succeed. Park Lane’s innovative science laboratories, on-site gyms, and rooftop beehive are just some of the resources the campus has to offer.

Getting to Park Lane Campus

Opening Hours

Mon-Thu: 8.30am – 9.00pm

Fri: 8.30am – 4.30pm


Park Lane,

Schools at Park Lane Campus

School of Sport Science & Exercise

Store Links

Higher education sport students can find DBS and Tough Mudder tickets available from the store. Locker deposits and revision guides for the 14+ Apprenticeship Academy are also available here.


Is support available at each campus for exams and coursework?

Yes, all students have access to a huge support network at every campus including wellbeing, pastoral support, and support with their studies.

Can students get travel funding support to Park Lane Campus?

Travel funding is available for everyone to apply at all campuses. Eligibility is assessed on household income and level of need.

Can I get a copy of my son/daughter’s timetable?

You can get a copy once the student has enrolled (end of August) and if it complies with GDPR.

Can students choose which campus they will study at?

No, students attend the campus that hosts their course. For example, sports courses are available at Park Lane Campus. Students can use the library, canteen facilities, and student resources at other campuses as long as they have their Leeds City College student pass.

Does Leeds City College hold Parents’ Evenings?

This depends on the course that the student is studying, as different curriculum areas deliver parent feedback differently. This will be sorted by the specific teachers and heads of department.


We are committed to making sure all students and staff are protected from harm. All staff are trained in safeguarding and child protection and our dedicated safeguarding team is on hand for advice and support. Don’t stay silent, we are here for you.

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