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INTERVIEWEE – SARAH ROBINSON – Creative Media Programme Manager (SPEAKING), SCOTT – TV & Film – School of Creative Arts, Alannah – Journalism – School of Creative Arts

Scenery – Students sat in a TV studio gallery operating the video and audio mixing equipment

Scenery – A tutor is lowering the lighting to be able to set it up correctly for use.

Scenery – A student is operating a TV camera in the studio.

Sarah Robinson – “I’m the programme manager for Level 3 creative media practice. So these are BTEC qualifications which means there are no exams, it’s purely based on the work you do in class, at home, practical based in short.”

Scenery – A group of students sat in the TV studio being filmed

Scenery – Two students in the TV studio operating cameras

Sarah Robinson – “We have 2 different specialisms, you can do television and film where you get to use this fantastic state of the art TV studio which we have as well as a wealth of other equipment we have things like DSLR cameras, tripods, booms we have all the equipment you need in order to be able to do fantastic filmin. You don’t need to buy any of your own equipment. We have all the equipment here to lend you.”

Scenery – Students in the TV gallery are operating the audio and video mixing equipment.

Scenery – A student using a computer to design a magazine

Sarah Robinson – “The Students come onto our course, they come straight from GCSE so it’s a very important part of their development the 2 years they spend with us. What we’re trying to do is not only develop those technical skills so that they are ready to move into industry or onto university when they finish with us or even and apprenticeship or traineeship but what were also trying to do is develop them as a people as well, so the way that we work particularly on television and film but also on journalism to an extent as well you work in crews. So you’re developing those team building skills, leadership skills as well, communication skills, all those kinds of skills which are really important once you get into industry.”

Scenery – A tutor is sat next to a student at a computer offering them guidance.

Scott – “I think it’s the fact of being able to progress your creativity and be able to work on very new ideas, so whether you are going to do a music video, documentary, or a short film. Them sort of projects where you just get something new, something you haven’t done before. It helps to expand your mind into something completely different and working to something that’s not the same things you have done before.”

Scenery – A wide shot of the empty TV studio

Scenery – A shot of the equipment in the TV gallery

Sarah Robinson – “We’re looking for learners who are passionate about coming into the media sector. You do have to have a passion for TV & Film or for Journalism if you want to come onto our courses and do really well. We have specialists within the posts, I am a former journalist myself and we have people who have made films themselves and edited, documentary makers, people like that to teach you, so they are people who understand the industry and what’s required.

Scenery – A tutor operating a camera in the theatre filming a music performance.

Alannah – “You get so much experience, you’re not just doing one side of journalism, you’re doing all different things. So one day you’ll be doing some magazines, the next you’ll be filming in the TV studio so it’s just great to get some experience in all kinds of journalism so then you get to decide what you go into.”

Sarah Robinson – “So if you think you are the kind of student who will thrive at Leeds City College then we really look forward to hearing from you. You can apply online via the website and if you have any further queries about the course then you can email me at sarah.robinson@leedscitycollege.ac.uk and I’ll be more than happy to help you with any queries you may have.”

Scenery – A student operating a camera with a teleprompter. End Slide – Leeds City College (School of Creative Arts) END

The Media, Music and Performance Production department caters to all aspects of performance and production encompassing performing arts, technical theatre, journalism, music, and more. The department considers its courses as intensive training where students can refine their skills and take advantage of industry links.

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Creative studios, theatres, stages, digital studios and music suites.

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What courses do you offer?

We offer many creative courses including: Digital Media, Performing Arts, Theatre Production, Musical Theatre Performance, Music Industry Skills, Music, Dance, Acting, TV and Film Production, Theatre Design and Production, Extended TV and Film Production, Journalism, and Music Technology.

What are the progression routes from your courses?

Progression routes are available from Level 1 to Level 3 within the department. University Centre Leeds offers a variety of creative degrees in Acting, Animation, Computer Games, Computer Games (Concept Art), Dance, Games Development, Sound for Film & Games, and Film and Screen Media as further progression for Level 3 students.

What industry links and partnerships do you have?

Take advantage of our links with Leeds Playhouse, Opera North and Howard Assembly Rooms. We have previously worked with Phoenix Dance Theatre, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Northern Ballet, ZooNation, RJC Dance, DAZL, and Hunslet Club.

What financial support is available at the college?

Students are able to apply for the college bursary which can pay for travel passes, college meals and trips or visits. Students with children can also gain support with childcare to support their studies.

Which campus are you based at?

We are based at Quarry Hill Campus.


We are committed to making sure all students and staff are protected from harm. All staff are trained in safeguarding and child protection and our dedicated safeguarding team is on hand for advice and support. Don’t stay silent, we are here for you.

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