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BTEC Diploma in Vocational Studies , Level 1
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What Our Students Say

“Before I came to Leeds City College, I was in school, I was in such a bad way at school, skiving lessons all the time, teachers always on my case, getting kicked out numerous times almost. So I applied for here just hoping to get on a course, I got accepted – it was entry Level 3. Dave was my tutor and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better as a tutor, because he just helped me. He helped me with every regard, with Maths and English, workshop work, the theory side of the workshop work – telling me how everything is and showing me what’s what.”


“I decided to study at Leeds City College because I liked the equipment and the rooms that they had, and I liked how it was a whole new space – it had only recently been built so everything was brand spanking new and it looked really clean and really nice.”


I think I’ve really enjoyed the fact that I’ve had to make new friendships, especially because I didn’t know anyone coming in – but after the first few weeks I think I’ve adapted to it really well.


Did you know!

  • English and maths will be built into your course if your grades are below 4.
  • We provide full-time arts education to over 1,000 students every year, from level 1 through to BA Honours degrees. If you are successful in gaining a place on one of our specialist courses, we will work with you to develop your creative skills and prepare you for the next big step – either to university, drama school, art college or the world of work.

Course Information


Discover your own performance practice with this introduction to the Performing Arts programme. You will participate in specialist workshops and will have the opportunity to create your own theatre, as well as showcase your work in two major productions throughout the year. You will develop practical performance skills in acting, dance and singing and will build your confidence on and off stage. You will also have the opportunity to also work backstage, focusing on prop design which complements your two performances.

Contact: Joe Mills


Video Transcript

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Interviewee –  Jayne Exton. Programme Manager, Performing Arts  (SPEAKING) / Charlie. Student, Dance [course title] (SPEAKING) / Rachel. Student, Acting [course title] (SPEAKING) / Dan. Student, Level Three Musical Theatre (SPEAKING).


Music – A soft, uplifting acoustic guitar melody with a soft string accompaniment plays.


Scenery –  A large group of learners stand, stretch and chat together in the corner of a brightly lit room with rubber flooring. A tutor wearing black leggings with a floral print section runs to the front of the room and gains their attention. The camera cuts to the learners evenly spaced across the room, spinning and turning in synchronicity. They perform a second spin in the opposite direction, with their arms held above their heads. The camera cuts to a trio of learners dancing together in hip-hop/new-style choreography while looking directly at the camera and smiling. They wear black jogging bottoms and cropped T-shirts. The camera cuts to a woman with chin-length, auburn hair in a side parting. She has a fair pink-tinted complexion and wears a grey and silver scarf. 


Music – A gentle kick drum adds to the uplifting instrumental. 


Speaker: Jayne Exton – “Hi, I’m Jane Exton; I’m a Programme Manager of Performing Arts in the School of Creative Arts at Leeds City College…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to a large rehearsal room, with pairs of students standing in situ, creating a scene. In the middle, a pair of students sit on the floor. 


Speaker: Jayne Exton – “On our performing arts courses, we specialise in different pathways in acting, dance and musical  theatre…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to the two students sitting cross-legged with their knees to their chests and arms wrapped around them. To the right, a student with fair, rosy-tinted skin and brown hair with a blunt fringe and headband fondly looks at the learner to her right. He has warm olive-tanned skin, a short beard and short brown hair with a long side-swept fringe. He speaks expressively, looking at an off-screen audience. The camera cuts to a dark, red-light stage view. Two learners sit on a sofa in period, gentleman’s costume, as a third learner clambers over to sit in the middle.


Music – The uplifting instrumental continues.


Speaker: Jayne Exton – “We have Level One courses which help to build enthusiasm and social skills. Our Level Two course is a foundation year to prepare for the Level Three, which is equivalent to our A Level standard at College…”


Scenery – As Jane speaks, the camera cuts to a close-up of a stage lit with warm red and orange lights. A line of learners perform in costume, dancing behind a single student with arm and hand-focused choreography. The camera cuts to a brightly-lit dance rehearsal room with a full class. A tutor stands to the front and shouts encouragement as she and the learners high kick on the spot with their arms by their hips. The camera cuts to a dark stage with a deep pink glow. A line of ballet dancers elegantly move their arms between the fifth and first positions. The camera cuts to a close-up of a group of dancers, backlit by bright natural light from a window. They hit clear positions and move from side to side in hip-hop/new-style choreography.


Scenery – The camera cuts to a white, light room. A woman with a pale, rose-toned complexion and light auburn hair sits in front of a mirrored wall and ballet barre.


Speaker: Charlie – “Hi, my name’s Charlie, and I’m studying Dance at Leeds City College…”


Scenery – A bright glare backlights a group of learners who vigorously step and jump together. The camera cuts to a group of learners with their arms extended high above their heads, before sweeping them down and standing tall.


Music – Toms and hi-hats add vibrance to the instrumental. More instruments join.


Speaker: Charlie – “Well, I think if you’re wanting to do Dance at Leeds City College, I think that one of the things you need to remember is that you’re not just focusing on one style. So like, I- I’ve come from, like, a contemporary background, so that’s all I’ve ever done…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to a close-up of Charlie dancing in a group. She sweeps up from a low position, rolls her body forward and continues with her right arm raised at her shoulder. 


Speaker: Charlie – “And then I started the year, and I’ve never done Jazz before, I’ve never done Urban before, so I was literally kind of thrown in the deep end…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to a tutor in a dance studio wearing a clear full-face guard, instructing a group of students who stand in a semi-circle in front of her. The tutor has her hands vertically raised above her head, with fists clenched, and the students begin to mimic her. The camera cuts to a high angle showing the top of students’ heads. A sea of hands slowly appears as they raise their arms and outstretch their fingers. 


Speaker: Charlie – “But actually, it was a fun experience because, like, everyone’s really supportive. Like the students are really supportive, the teachers are really supportive – like they’ll help you when you need help…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to a group of learners performing urban choreography on a pink-lit stage. They jump and front-kick together, pulling faces with attitude. The camera cuts to the same group of students, wearing different clothing, spinning and pirouetting across a red-lit stage in ballet-style choreography. The camera cuts to the same group of students, now wearing all black, on an orange-lit stage, dancing in a contemporary style. The camera cuts a learner dancing in the centre and others towards the back. She pirouettes in place as four learners stride and plié towards her.


Music – The uplifting instrumental continues.


Speaker: Charlie“And I think it’s just a good idea to have, like, a broad aspect of all the different styles to make you more kind of diverse. And, like, the more diverse you are, the more work you’re gonna get when you leave.”


Scenery – The camera cuts to a group of learners dancing in a contemporary style, focusing on a dancer with fair, slightly tanned skin wearing a grey vest. He slowly rises from a crouched position and tilts his head upwards and to the right. The camera cuts to a student with pale, rosy skin, dark blonde, type 2 hair and braces. She sits in a grey, light room with a monitor in the background.


Music – The uplifting instrumental continues.


Speaker: Rachel – “I’m Rachel, and I’m studying Acting at Leeds City College…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to three learners performing on stage. A learner sits in the middle on a grey sofa and looks upset as the others speak; she holds a microphone and looks up before speaking. 


Speaker: Rachel – “So, the unique selling point to the course is definitely the tutors. The tutors are great, they’re all really kind and comforting, and you never feel embarrassed to do anything…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to a learner performing to the camera, on stage. He has a rich tanned complexion, type 3 brown hair with short sides and wears a black puffer jacket. He gestures his hands and speaks expressively. The camera cuts and pans to the same learner, now practising with a peer while being observed by a tutor. The camera cuts to a theatre rehearsal room filled with students all frozen in frame. In the forefront, a student with short brown hair and a warm fair complexion stands with his arms raised as if pushing against a door. The camera cuts back to Rachel.


Music – The uplifting instrumental continues.


Speaker: Rachel – “And I feel like my confidence has really grown because of the tutors, and how they encourage you to step out your comfort zone and work with different people…”


Scenery – The camera rises from a stage floor to show three costumed learners performing while sitting on a sofa. Two learners comfort the third, who sits in the middle, and another costumed learner approaches and points at them. The camera cuts to two students sitting with their backs against each other on a purple-lit stage floor; they move to look around before swirling around each other to stand. 


Music – The original, stripped-back instrumental returns.


Speaker: Rachel – “As well as the classes; they’re quite big classes, so you get to work with loads of different types of people and loads of different types of actors…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to a spotlit stage. Two learners perform so close to each other that their faces almost touch. They appear to have been arguing; the learner on the left storms off with disgust. The camera cuts to a learner sitting and performing on stage. He wears thick-framed black glasses and looks down in sadness. A learner wearing a green shirt approaches him. The camera cuts to a student sitting in a light grey room; he has a fair complexion, light blonde hair and a fine, short beard. He speaks with a Yorkshire Accent.


Speaker: Dan – “Hi, my name’s Dan. I’m studying Level Three Musical Theatre at Leeds City College…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to focus on Dan rehearsing with a group of learners. In sync, they clutch their fists together, wave and then spiral their arms to the side before crouching and turning back to the front with their hands positioned over their mouth. The camera cuts back to Dan.


Speaker: Dan – “So, the average structure of the week is, basically, we just focus on all three disciplines of singing, acting and dancing, and we go into detail about them…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to a stage performance in period costume. A learner stands on a chair while others surround and clamour to reach him while shaking their outstretched hands. The camera cuts to three learners in front of red velvet curtains, turning and dancing next to old-fashioned microphones. 


Music – Additional instruments join the uplifting melody.


Speaker: Dan – “Erm, a lot of circuit training, it’s very intense. A lot of warm-ups. I’m, er, currently struggling on my flexibility, but I’m developing that skill, erm, over time…”


Scenery – The camera cuts to a red-lit stage with a projection in the background. A learner performs a cartwheel, spins to the front and turns to stride away. The camera cuts to a learner on stage, passionately performing and singing. The camera cuts to a tutor moving her hands expressively and speaking as she walks through a rehearsal studio of learners standing behind chairs. The camera cuts to the same tutor demonstrating a clasped hand and arm move to the learners. The camera cuts to the tutor, now guiding Dan, as other students watch in the background. She claps her hands together, then raises her arm vertically in demonstration as he focuses intensely and nods. The camera cuts back to Dan as he speaks expressively.


Speaker: Dan – “Erm, and with acting, just looking at focusing on so many different skills like concentration, erm, spatial awareness, eye contact and how, like, subtle things can have such an effect on performances. And we just go into so much detail, and there’s so much knowledge that I’ve acquired over these past few months. I just think it’s incredible.”


Scenery – A white screen with a red footer has large black text across the centre. The text reads, “Applications are open for September 2021. For more information, visit: Instagram: @creativeartslcc”


Music – The uplifting instrumental fades to silence.

Who is this course for?

Aimed at those interested in starting out their studies in Performing Arts. The course gives you the opportunity to explore creative skills through practical projects and specialist workshops. Alongside your new practical skills, you will develop your organisational, communication and written skills in areas that interest you. It’s ideal for progression on to Level 2 programmes in acting, dance, musical theatre or theatre production.

Benefits and skills

  • Perform to professional standard at two major productions
  • Utilise practical performance skills to act, sing, or dance on stage
  • Work as part of a team to deliver a captivating performance.
  • Gain confidence in your ability as a performer.
  • Entry requirements

    Two GCSEs at grade 2, however, if you are unsure if you can meet these requirements we’d still love to hear from you.

    Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

    Progression may include a level 2 qualification, an apprenticeship, or relevant employment.

    Course details

    Duration: 1 year
    Start Date: 09/09/2024
    Fees (16-18): No fee
    Study Type: Full time
    Course Code: 79500-01
    Fees (Adult): £1,987

    Please note that for all courses starting on 9th September, there will be an induction week, WC 2nd September.

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