Chartered Manager

, Level 6
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Did you know!

  • 50% of employees quit due to bad management.
  • This apprenticeship is attached to a full bachelor’s degree which will be free of charge to all candidates who complete the apprenticeship.
  • The average salary for a qualified and experienced senior manager is £47,500.

Course Information


This programme is for existing managers. A chartered manager takes responsibility for people, projects, operations and services to deliver long-term organisational success.


With this apprenticeship, you will fully develop all aspects of your management and leadership skills. These skills include strategic decision making, setting direction, achieving results, building and leading teams, communicating clearly, developing skills, motivating others, fostering inclusive and ethical cultures, managing projects, finance, innovation and risk, and developing stakeholder relationships.

Benefits and skills

  • Planning operational strategies
  • Managing projects
  • Managing business and finance
  • Understanding sales and marketing
  • Understanding digital business and new technologies
  • Leading and managing people

    Apprentices will also work towards achieving a Management and Business Bachelor’s Degree before the completion of the apprenticeship.
  • Entry requirements

    The employer will agree entry requirements for these apprenticeships and these will depend on the role that they are advertising.

    Please check that you meet all essential criteria before applying for a position, you can find the details of these on the full vacancy description (links below). If you are unsure about this please contact the Apprenticeship Recruitment Team on 0113 284 6464.

    Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

    Head of Department

    As a head of department you will manage staff and resources within the department. In addition, you will set budgets, translate strategic goals and attend training sessions and meetings.

    Operations Manager

    As an operations manager you will make important policy, planning and strategy decisions. In addition, you will assist with recruitment where necessary, oversee budgeting, report, plan and audit, and will identify and address problems within the company.

    Progression opportunities

    Below are some Leeds City College apprenticeships you could potentially progress on to once you have completed this programme:

    We are currently developing our master’s degree level apprenticeship programmes and will provide an update when they are available. Please keep an eye out for these progression opportunities on the website.

    Assessment types

    You will be assessed in the workplace.

    Course details

    Study Type: Part time
    Course Code: 71827-01

    Please note that for all courses starting on 9th September, there will be an induction week, WC 2nd September.

    Employment Statistics

    • Production managers and directors in manufacturing

      Average Salary
    • Production managers and directors in construction

      Average Salary
    • IT specialist managers

      Average Salary

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