We’re looking forward to welcoming you this September

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We are so glad that you are looking to join us here at Leeds City College this September. Our team of experienced tutors and support staff are here to help you shape your future, whatever that may look like. Here you have the chance to gain experience in our cutting-edge facilities, and take advantage of impressive industry links.

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We know you are working hard on your studies, but remember to take care of yourself while you’re revising. Check out our tips below.

10 tips for exam success

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1. Think about what kind of learner you are.

If you find it easier to absorb information by listening, why not record your notes and listen back to them? Or if you’re a visual learner, make your notes into a colourful mindmap so you can picture the information. If you prefer to learn by doing, then practising old papers or using flashcards to test yourself can really help.

2. Be creative!

Put post-it notes where you see them every day, like on the bathroom mirror so you can memorise key information while you’re brushing your teeth. Create funny acronyms or memory tricks to help you remember facts or figures. Use essential oils or scented candles to create a specific scent that you associate with a particular subject or topic.

3. Focus on a new topic each day.

Switching between topics will leave you distracted. Try and immerse yourself in one area for each study session. Prioritise difficult subjects and spend more time revising subjects that you find more challenging.

4. Reflect on your progress.

Make a note of each area you need to cover, tick it off when it’s done. Remember to test yourself and see how much you’ve improved. Review your notes frequently to ensure that you are retaining the information.

5. Teach other people.

Your brain absorbs more information if you explain it to someone else – so enlist the help of a friend, family member or pet and talk them through everything you’ve learned.

6. Remove any distractions – and step away from your phone!

Put your mobile on ‘do not disturb’ or put it in another room while you’re studying so you can concentrate fully. Only pick it up on your breaks – when you do, why not check out our socials?

7. Keep a positive attitude.

Stay positive and don’t let setbacks or failures discourage you. Visualise yourself doing well to help boost your confidence and motivation. It’s normal to feel anxious but don’t let these feelings overwhelm you – read more about how to manage your stress here.

8. Take care of your wellbeing.

You won’t retain information if you’re hungry, tired or stressed. Make sure you’re eating well and taking regular breaks. Remember to stay hydrated – your brain needs water to function properly. Eat a balanced diet – too much sugar and caffeine can cause your energy levels to crash and stop you concentrating. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you feel focused and ready to learn.

9. Remember to move!

Try and get outside each day to get some fresh air – exercise can help reduce stress and improve your mood, which can help you stay motivated during your revision period. Get some inspiration here.

10. Practice mindfulness.

Allow yourself space to switch off from revising and give your brain a chance to absorb your knowledge. You can find more resources here.

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Feeling stressed?

Get more ideas about relaxation here.
Get more revision tips here and here

Open Event

We appreciate that this is a time of big changes – to give you some extra reassurance, we’re hosting an open event in May. This is an excellent chance for you to meet your tutors, tour our campus, and get a feel for college life. You will also be able to ask any questions you may have, so you can start feeling confident and prepared for your future.

Book now

16 May, 4-7pm

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Once you enrol, you will have access to a fantastic range of courses, all taught by our team of experienced tutors who are passionate about helping you reach your goals. Whether you are interested in T Levels, vocational courses or A levels, we offer a supportive learning environment that is designed to help you reach your full potential.

What to expect

When we welcome you, you’ll have the opportunity to join in a number of activities around your studies, becoming part of a community and helping you to pursue your interests. We also offer a range of services, including learning support and career guidance. Our goal is to help you succeed not just in your studies but in your future life as well.

We hope you’re looking forward to shaping your future and all you will achieve over the next couple of years. Best of luck and see you in September!

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Open event: 16 May

Exam results day: 22 August

Enrolment dates:

Thursday 22nd August –
Friday 30th August

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
and Friday – 10am -4pm

Wednesday late night till 7pm
(Please note we are closed on Bank Holiday Monday)