World Earth Day

21st April 2022

On 22 April, people come together across the globe for World Earth Day to show support for climate action. 

The movement started as a group of everyday people in America who wanted to make a positive change – and now the whole world takes part.

Millie Bolt,  Corporate Social Responsibility Projects Coordinator at the college, talks about how we can help make a difference on the day.

How can I get involved?

Host a litter picking day

You could join in with the activities hosted by Litter Free Leeds, which brings communities together to show what can be achieved when we keep our shared spaces clean.

Register a cleanup as part of worldwide rubbish removal campaign, Great Global Cleanup. This programme encourages clean ups each day of the year to work towards a brighter, greener planet.

Make small changes 

Why not use World Earth Day to pledge not to buy any single-use plastic? This will help to make a positive change to the environment by limiting the use of non-recyclable plastics.

Take time to learn

Although sustainability can feel like a big topic, you can have fun learning about how to protect the environment in a stress-free way by taking educational quizzes.

Learning short and snappy facts on themes ranging from fast fashion, whale conservation and clean energy can help you to understand what’s happening in the world and how you can make a difference.


Taking action is important, but so is reflecting on the importance of the environment and why we need to protect it.

There are many local parks and green spaces you can visit to take time and appreciate your surroundings. 

World Earth Day

Leeds City College