Leeds City College film festival will showcase and celebrate the stories of refugees

Posted: June 6, 2022

Leeds City College is hosting a refugee film festival dedicated to showcasing films produced by both student refugees and filmmakers across the city about their lives and experiences.

The event, taking place on 22 June at Quarry Hill Campus, will provide a platform for filmmakers to share stories about a variety of issues from a unique and creative perspective.

Film screenings and interviews will also be held during the one-day festival, where topics such as hunger, war, humanitarian issues and being refugees will be discussed.

Mariam Kauser, Cultural Projects Manager at Leeds City College said: “We are committed to becoming a safe and welcoming place for all and part of this is being able to share and celebrate the stories and journeys of refugees and asylum seekers.

“We are extremely honoured to be hosting our first ever film festival and showcasing some thought-provoking and inspirational films. The line-up we have is a demonstration of art, passion and the ability of the filmmakers to convey stories in ways we can all understand.

“Through this event, we hope to educate and help our students, staff and wider community understand what it means to be seeking sanctuary and to extend a welcome to everyone as equal, valued members of the community.”

Participating in the festival is Andre Holzmeister with the film ‘Malak and the Boat’ which chronicles the story of seven-year-old Malak’s harrowing journey across the Mediterranean seeking shelter from the Syrian conflict.

Bradford-based film producer,Tom Harmer, will showcase his film ‘Rabea’, a true story about a young Rohingyan woman whose family fled Myanmar as refugees, eventually finding their sanctuary and safety in Bradford.

Kazzum Arts, an organisation that engages young asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants in creative wellbeing projects, will be presenting the film ‘What You Know About Patience’.The animation, inspired by the experiences of young people engaging in Kazzum Arts’ Pathways programme, explores the complexities and challenges facing young people seeking asylum in the UK.

Other films that will be featured on the night include ‘Ruth & Safiya’ by Louisa Rose Mackleston, ‘Guardians’ by The Children’s Society, ‘A Life On Hold’ by filmmakers Marc Silver and Nick Francis and ‘Then I Came By Boat’ by Marleena Forward.

Doors will open at 5.30pm.

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