Family Learning

Teacher with a class of children playing and enjoying their time

What is Family Learning?

Family learning has had a great impact on our whole family unit. It has made me a much more confident, thoughtful, fun and present parent.

Family Learning is a collaborative approach between schools and Leeds City College designed to engage parents in their children’s learning and to enable adults to develop their own skills alongside their children. Programmes use a creative approach, providing easy to use activities, techniques and games which can be employed at home to enhance and promote learning. This leads to a greater chance of a child achieving their potential.


We offer the following courses delivered by experienced adult education specialists focused on supporting parents. All courses are designed to support in-school Early Years and Key Stage 1 programmes.

Brief outlines of our offering can be found below. For further Information, or any enquiries pertaining to Family Learning, please contact David Stones at

  • Supporting Children’s Maths

    Specifically designed to give parents the basic numerical skills so they can support their children’s maths and problem-solving skills at home, this course makes maths accessible and fun. Through the use of interactive activities, parents and carers will gain the skills and confidence necessary to support children’s development.

  • Supporting Children with Stories, Songs and Rhymes

    Designed to help parents develop their child’s imagination and thereby strengthen and improve their reading and number skills. Through the use of songs and rhymes, memory games and activities, children will learn to interpret information, build their confidence and develop key language skills.

  • Supporting Children’s Language Skills

    This course aims to build parents’ confidence and give them the skills needed to support the development of their child’s language. Through the use of engaging activities and games, such as pictionary and word jumble, parents will gain techniques to develop language skills.

  • Supporting Children’s Reading with Phonics

    This course shows parents how children are taught phonics and how it can improve children’s reading skills, as well as their listening and numerical skills. Our experienced staff will give parents tips, games and activities they can do with their children to help develop their word recognition and reading skills.

  • Supporting Children’s Writing

    This course equips parents with strategies to support the fundamentals of language so they can help their children develop their writing skills. Focusing on spelling, grammar and punctuation, the course explores different types of texts and writing styles. Through the use of interactive activities, storytelling and games, parents will be able to support their child’s development.

  • Creative Crafts and Supporting Children’s Learning

    Using arts and crafts, this course helps develop problem-solving skills and encourages the ability to learn independently. Through creative activities such as felting, printing and making collages, parents will support the development of children’s learning skills.

Adult teaching two children in a classroom

“I like these sessions because I get to meet new people and I like working with my child.”


Family Learning is a fantastic way of bringing a school community together. We value the importance and vital role our parents and carers have in working to further their children’s education. Family Learning is a fantastic way of developing this. We are delighted with the outcomes Family Learning has had in our school.

Benefits of Family Learning are wide ranging and long lasting, below are a few examples of the positive impact these courses can have on the lives of children and their parents.

  • Parents/carers learn how to support their children’s learning at home, which reinforces skills that are needed in school
  • Children become more confident when learning with parents
  • Children are more likely to read books to practise and expand their language skills
  • Parents learn to overcome language and literacy barriers to expand their own skills
  • Parents have made new contacts and friendships, and become involved in school and community development, developing community cohesion
  • Engaging in Family Learning improves the life chances of children and families

“Family Learning has provided me with a great mindset and it’s ok to get things wrong, to test the boundaries and just have a go. We enjoyed time painting and listening to podcasts, learning to be in the moment and enjoying our family time.”

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