Empowering women through self-defence

Posted: September 6, 2021

Despite the countless health benefits, martial arts classes can seem an intimidating environment to many. 

However, Keighley’s leading martial arts maestro, Jackie Harper, has set on a mission to engage more females in combat sessions to drive self-defence and personal safety awareness.

Encouraging environment

Warrior Woman Sessions are the brainchild of Jackie, who has been running these inspirational sessions for females across the district at Aire Valley Martial Arts.

Starting out in martial arts training 10 years ago, Jackie is now a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and fought MMA within the UK team at the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation World Champions.

As some women feel anxious to attend male-dominated fitness classes, Warrior Woman Sessions have been set up to create a welcoming, non-judgemental environment, where women can train in mixed martial arts.

Jackie said: “Creating inclusive spaces which cater for women in sport is something that I am really passionate about. Many of my female members have commented on how they dislike lifting weights and often feel uncomfortable in gym settings. 

“I have created a space whereby like-minded women of all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes, can join in and enhance their self-defence skills in a unique environment.

“Not only are these classes fantastic for physical health, but they allow women to overcome fear and become more confident by learning combative techniques. The culture is extremely supportive, built on a network of motivated women who help each other achieve their goals.”

Bringing sessions to college

Kicking off on 30 September, Jackie will be bringing Warrior Woman Sessions to life at Quarry Hill Campus for one hour each month on a Thursday.

Predominantly open to females, these sessions are also available to male students, and aim to teach martial arts techniques to students, along with meeting new people, boosting confidence and having fun.

“I’d encourage all female students to get involved in these classes; it is almost guaranteed to make you feel good and enhance your self esteem. You can find out more about our ethos and classes on our Instagram page.”

Any student at Quarry Hill Campus can attend these classes. 

Warrior Woman

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