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What Our Students Say

“The studying here is really great because we get a lot of industry-standard products, like we’re doing the age of male characters so in our kits we all got three bald caps which obviously gave us one practice and two assessments, and we’re all using the Ben Nye cream paints which are really really good industry-wise, and definitely the airbrushes as well, and we all had a big workshop on the airbrushes so everybody knows how to use theirs, and we all have our own. The thing with this course as well is it gives you a lot of creative freedom, like we all get given a brief but it’s kind of ‘what do you want to do with the brief?’, and having all the products to back that up really helps us achieve that.”


Did you know!

  • A career in Hairdressing or Beauty Therapy offers great variety and an opportunity to keep learning and providing treatments to different customers. Becoming a qualified Hairdresser or Beauty Therapist enables learners to earn an income ranging between £22,000 and £32,000 in the West Yorkshire region.

Course Information


Are you interested in working in the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry? This short course will give you valuable experiences, insights and an understanding of what it takes to work in this Industry.

In this course you will learn Hairdressing and Beauty therapy treatments and skills that will include:

  • Texturing Hair
  • Applying Hair Ups
  • Applying Henna Body Art
  • Enhancing Brows and lashes
  • Plaiting Twisting and adding hair

All lessons will take place in our onsite working salon. After completing this course, you will be fully informed about the types of skills and techniques beauty therapy businesses expect staff to have. Progression from this course may include a higher-level accredited qualification.


What does a Hairdresser or Beauty Therapist do? Well; after completing this course you will have learned about Hairdressing and Beauty Treatments which are a major part of these jobs performed a weekly basis. This course aims to give you a practical insight into the skills, Hairdressing and Beauty treatments, techniques, and activities that could be part of your job working in this industry.

Who is this course for?

You will learn the skills required to work in the Hairdressing and Beauty Industry in a role that carries out treatments within a commercial salon environment. At the end of this introduction course, you will have basic knowledge and a clear understanding of the work of a Hairdresser or Beauty Therapist providing.

You will NOT be required to purchase a Hairdressing or Beauty Kit to take part in this course as this will be provided to you in each lesson.

Course units/modules

  • Texturing Hair
  • Applying Hair Ups,
  • Applying Henna Body Art
  • Enhancing Brows and lashes
  • Plaiting Twisting and adding hair

Benefits and skills

Learn how to provide Hairdressing and Beauty Treatments similar to working in the industry.

Entry requirements

There is no entry requirement or accredited exam. Available to Adult learners (19+)

Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

Progression from this course may include a higher level accredited qualification VTCT Level 1 Certificate in Hair and Beauty Skills (VRQ).

Assessment types

Learners are assessed by the Course Teacher through Practical activities.

Course details

Duration: 5 weeks (5 hour sessions once a week) 09:30-15:00
Start Date: 13/06/2024
Study Type: Part time
Course Code: 78703-30
Fees (Adult): £60

Please note that for all courses starting on 9th September, there will be an induction week, WC 2nd September.

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