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What Our Students Say

“When I first came I didn’t know anybody at the college but because it’s people you’re surrounded by and people with similar interests to you, you do make friends quickly and you make really close friendships with people because you’re listening to the same things and you’re going through the same things, and you can help each other as well.”


“I decided to study at Leeds City College because I liked the equipment and the rooms that they had, and I liked how it was a whole new space – it had only recently been built so everything was brand spanking new and it looked really clean and really nice.”


“Before I came to Leeds City College, I was in school, I was in such a bad way at school, skiving lessons all the time, teachers always on my case, getting kicked out numerous times almost. So I applied for here just hoping to get on a course, I got accepted – it was entry Level 3. Dave was my tutor and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better as a tutor, because he just helped me. He helped me with every regard, with Maths and English, workshop work, the theory side of the workshop work – telling me how everything is and showing me what’s what.”


Course Information


This four-day course will give you a brief overview of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). You will also have the opportunity to try out different skills and explore potential careers in the STEM fields.

Please email Declan Greene for more information

More about STEM


Day 1: CAD & 3D printing

Day 2: Programming skills/CNC

Day 3: Machining & weld

Day 4: Presentation and evaluation of progression

Who is this course for?

Those who would like to retrain for various roles in engineering and/or digital.

Benefits and skills

Decide which further course you would like to enrol on to develop your skill set.

Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

Engineering and Digital.

Assessment types

You will be assessed via informal skills assessments.

Course details

Duration: 4 days
Study Type: Part time
Course Code: 76682-01

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