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Apprenticeship , Level 4
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What Our Students Say

“I’m working really well with my tutors – they’re really supportive and we just have a laugh. It’s like a really nice atmosphere. I think the facilities are really fantastic.”


“Because I’ve got autism and I’d sometimes have trouble understanding things – because I need stuff breaking down into detail and explaining to me in a perfect way, in a much more understanding way, I have tutors that understand me a bit more.”


“When I first came I didn’t know anybody at the college but because it’s people you’re surrounded by and people with similar interests to you, you do make friends quickly and you make really close friendships with people because you’re listening to the same things and you’re going through the same things, and you can help each other as well.”


Course Information


The Marketing Executive apprenticeship is designed to develop the professional standard required of people working in Marketing Executive roles in organisations across the private, public and third sectors.

Assessment types:

The End Point Assessment will consists of:

  • Multiple Choice Test
  • Project Showcase
  • Professional Discussion

Who is this course for?

This apprenticeship is designed for those working in the marketing industry who want to further develop their practice. Typical job roles include: Marketing Executive, Marketing Officer, Marketing and Communications Officer, Marketing Specialist, Communications Executive, Communications Specialist

Course units/modules

By the end of the apprenticeship the learners will have developed knowledge, skills and behaviours in the following areas:

  • Knowledge: Marketing Concepts & Theories, Business understanding & Commercial Awareness, Market Research and Product & Channels.
  • Skills: Marketing Campaigns, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, Service Delivery, Budget Management, Evaluation & Analysis and Systems & Processes.
  • Behaviours: Agile & flexible, Creative Thinker, Resilience & continuous improvement, Professionalism & Emotional Intelligence.

Benefits and skills

A Marketing Executive will help shape, support and deliver marketing plans, working in conjunction with the Marketing Manager who will define the overall marketing strategy.

A highly audience focused role which requires creativity, communication and project management skills - these individuals are responsible for planning and executing tactical and targeted marketing activity. Typical responsibilities include:

  • Managing and maintaining key marketing channels, including digital, offline and social media
  • Planning and delivering tactical integrated marketing campaigns
  • Managing the production and distribution of marketing materials
  • Liaising and networking with a range of stakeholders including customers, colleagues, suppliers (incl. agencies) and partner organisations
  • Collecting and analysing research information to understand target audience behaviour and views across the market in general and the marketing mix
  • Assisting in the achievement of brand positioning to agreed guidelines
  • Organising and attending events such as conferences, seminars, receptions and exhibitions.

Entry requirements

The employer will agree entry requirements for these apprenticeships and these will depend on the role that they are advertising.

Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship Level 6

Course details

Duration: up to 21 months
Study Type: Full time
Course Code: 74483-01

Please note that for all courses starting on 9th September, there will be an induction week, WC 2nd September.

Employment Statistics

  • Marketing associate professionals

    Average Salary
  • Marketing and sales directors

    Average Salary
  • Sales accounts and business development managers

    Average Salary

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