Introduction to Reptile Keeping

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What Our Students Say

“I decided to study at Leeds City College because I liked the equipment and the rooms that they had, and I liked how it was a whole new space – it had only recently been built so everything was brand spanking new and it looked really clean and really nice.”


I think I’ve really enjoyed the fact that I’ve had to make new friendships, especially because I didn’t know anyone coming in – but after the first few weeks I think I’ve adapted to it really well.


“When I first came I didn’t know anybody at the college but because it’s people you’re surrounded by and people with similar interests to you, you do make friends quickly and you make really close friendships with people because you’re listening to the same things and you’re going through the same things, and you can help each other as well.”


Did you know!

  • Learn reptile specific animal welfare requirements
  • Learn how to correctly handle a range of species
  • Learn how to provide optimal welfare for a range of reptile species

Course Information


If you are interested in keeping Reptiles learn the knowledge and skills to get started with this course. Learn how to attain optimal husbandry for a range of species.

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  • Animal welfare and reptiles
  • Choosing the right reptile
  • Food and feeding and feed plans
  • Enclosure size and shape
  • Heating and temperature gradients
  • Lighting and light gradients
  • Humidity: managing the muggy
  • Making a house a habitat
  • Expecting optimal welfare
  • Common ailments and treatments
  • Handling and holding your nerve

Transport to Temple Newsam

There is a campus bus organised by the department, this departs at 8.40am
from Leeds Bus Station and picks learners up at 4.30pm. The bus is payable
onboard or termly, the cost is £5 per learner per week. Learners can book the
bus when they have enrolled on a course with us. For learners on bursary they
will be issued a free bus pass once their bursary application is

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone that would like to learn more about keeping reptiles at home.

Course units/modules

This course is non-regulated but will include information on the following:

  • Husbandry
  • Handling
  • Health
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Correct reptile selection
  • Lighting
  • Habitat design

Benefits and skills

The course will cover everything you need to become a great reptile keeper including safe and effective handling techniques.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements.

Available Apprenticeships and Progression options

There are additional courses within this school that might be of interest such as dog walking, pet sitting and poultry keeping for beginners.

Assessment types

There will be no formal assessment for this qualification however learners will be expected to take notes on the workbook provided, this can then be referred to.

Course details

Duration: 6 hours
Course Code: 78078-01

Please note that for all courses starting on 9th September, there will be an induction week, WC 2nd September.

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