Mabgate Centre

A look at one of the workshop classrooms Leeds City College has to offer, with multiple work benches for students


RE Workshop – Mabgate Campus

Nestled within a refurbished warehouse, our RE workshop stands as a testament to innovative design and functionality. This fully equipped workshop boasts state-of-the-art joinery machines alongside screen printing facilities. Here, creativity takes centre stage, as students delve into a realm where learning creative skills intertwines seamlessly with fostering an ethos of recycling and upcycling.

At our RE workshop, students not only cultivate their artistic talents but also gain invaluable insights into the principles of sustainability and the circular economy. Through hands-on experiences, they witness firsthand how materials can be repurposed and transformed, contributing to the creation of a more sustainable future.

Within walking distance of Leeds’ bus and train stations, Mabgate Campus is an innovative, vibrant environment in which to learn.

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