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Welcome to your safe place to study.

We’ve been working hard all summer to make sure we are ready for you in September.

We’re ready to keep you safe, run the same great courses, with excellent industry-standard facilities and expert tutors.

If you haven’t already chosen a course, you can take a look at our range here. Experience state-of-the-art facilities, including our Chroma-Q Theatre, air cabin, world-class kitchens, digital suites, makeup academy and more.

We have listened carefully to the latest government advice, and looked at every aspect of life here. You’ll see some big changes sure, and we’ve also made some important smaller adjustments.

There will be new ways to study, and some extra safety measures. We will also be asking you to do things a bit differently.

Together we know we will be able to help you enjoy your time here, and study in safety this academic year.


Adapted learning

As a forward-thinking college with a modern approach to learning, Leeds City College has adapted teaching and learning methods, using technology-enhanced learning (TEL) principles to deliver remote education.Departments have developed methods of teaching and learning to best support their course material. Some examples of virtual learning at Leeds City College include:

  • Daily check-ins with students (online or by phone) to check on their wellbeing
  • Pre-recorded videos and screencasts to support students with their learning
  • Teaching staff available online to answer questions and support students with their learning
  • The use of G Suite (including Docs, Drive, Hangouts and Meet to continue virtual teaching and learning)

We understand that students joining or returning to Leeds City College in September may or may not have received face-to-face tuition or support for several months. This may leave some students feeling unsettled as they adjust to change. With this in mind, courses starting in September will incorporate the following:

  • Content, materials and activities to address any knowledge gaps as a result of lockdown
  • Activities to address support needs including mental health and wellbeing concerns
  • Additional pastoral and enrichment activities to familiarise students with the college environment
  • Extra specialist support for vulnerable and disadvantaged students and personalised support where these vulnerabilities impede learning
  • Personalised arrangements for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Adult learners will receive some face-to-face learning; this will be bespoke and based on the individual needs of the student and their ability to work remotely. Tutors will work closely with students to ensure they have the right tools in place and to identify any issues that they may experience.

Higher level, digitally confident learners with online access may undertake the majority of their learning remotely. However, learners who are unable to do this are likely to have prioritised face-to-face tuition.


Blended learning

Get ready to shape the future with a new way of learning.

The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is a top priority and is at the heart of everything we do, including how we teach and learn.
We asked our students for feedback on their experiences of remote learning, and we’re pleased to say it was overwhelmingly positive, with them feeling confident with their progress during the move to online learning. As a result, we’re adapting the way we work and will continue to listen to student feedback.

What is blended learning?

It’s a style of education in which students learn via online media as well as traditional classroom teaching.

How will this be delivered?

We will be using Google Suite Enterprise for Education, which includes enhanced Google Meet features such as live streaming, breakout rooms, Q&A, polling and whiteboard features. Some departments may use other platforms too such as Microsoft 365; this will vary depending on your course, and your tutor will give you more information on this.
Teachers will also be able to create supportive online community groups, so you can benefit from additional support.

What will you need?

Every student will be assessed (during the induction period if you’re a new student and in the first few weeks if you’re a returning student), to ensure you have everything you need for blended learning, this will include:

  • Access to a device (smart phone, tablet, Chromebook, desktop or laptop)
  • Internet connectivity, including data (broadband or phone data)
  • Suitable learning environment at home

If you don’t have one or more of the above, don’t worry! The college will support you to ensure you get the same opportunity as your peers.
If you have any questions or would like to find out more please contact


Closure phases

As the pandemic situation and circumstances change, the college may move between opening and closure phases. The decision for these phases will be largely based on information from the Department for Education, (DfE), Public Health England and local authorities.Similar to the ‘Stay Alert’ system created by the UK government, the different opening and closure phases involve enforcing stringent safety guidelines and relaxing these rules based on the latest situation and the appropriate response. These phases include and involve the following:

  • Phase 1 (lockdown) This involves providing remote learning for all but approximately 20 vulnerable students. Tracking and monitoring systems will be established and support to students will be provided.
  • Phase 2 (lockdown) This involves a partial and gradual reopening, in-line with government expectations. Students who are completing ‘licence to practise’ qualifications will be prioritised.
  • Phase 3 (relaxation of lockdown) The early stages of lockdown being lifted with instructions for schools and colleges to reopen. Plans are for all 16-18 year olds to receive as much face-to-face tuition as can be safely accommodated. Other students will receive partial face-to-face tuition as part of a ‘blended’ approach. Social distancing, PPE (where appropriate) and ‘bubbles’ will be implemented in accordance with government advice and the local situation.
  • Phase 4 All staff and students on-site as before the pandemic, however, ongoing measures such as social distancing, deep cleaning, additional handwashing and temperature checks will remain in place.
  • Phase 5 College open as ‘normal’ with all staff and students attending and no additional measures necessary.


Coronavirus updates

As of 17 July 2020, the college is preparing to fully reopen and provide education in September as per guidance from the Department for Education.



This year, enrolment will be taking place online. Once you have accepted your offer, you will receive instructions from us about how to enrol online before GCSE results day on 20 August. You will be invited to attend an enrolment webinar where we will explain the process in more detail.


Safety measures

A range of safety measures have been put in place at Leeds City College to ensure the continued safety of students and staff. We understand that returning to college may be unsettling for many students and parents, so with this in mind, the following safety measures will be present on-site:

  • Adherence to government regulations
  • Adherence to the self-isolation process for those with symptoms
  • All students to receive some on-site tuition, with more for vulnerable students being prioritised
  • A minimum number of students and staff to be in the buildings at all times
  • Building features (such as corridors and toilets) to be reorganised to ensure social distancing is possible
  • Continued prevention practices including additional hand-washing, isolating those with symptoms, reduced social contact and enhanced cleaning
  • Creation of an ‘isolation room’ for those suspected of being infected
  • Engagement with the NHS Test and Trace process including the collapsing of bubbles should one person become suspected or confirmed of being infected
  • Ensuring of a continued supply of cleaning materials and hygiene products such as hand wash, hand sanitiser, paper towels and tissues
  • Monitoring of contracted cleaners and catering staff
  • Movement between the ‘phases’ to ensure the college is responsive to the level of risk
  • Potential for temperature checks at buildings before admitting staff and students
  • Staggered start and end times to minimise contact and avoid peak public transport times
  • Reduced mixing of students and staff using ‘bubbles’
  • Regular deep cleaning of rooms and facilities
  • Risk assessments to be revisited and updated in light of new information
  • Social distancing to be maximised and the creation of ‘bubbles’ and use of PPE to be considered where appropriate
  • Staff who are not required to support the delivery of education to continue working from home
  • Temporary closures (if necessary) to reduce risk of local, national or in-college infections

Questions and answers

Is Leeds City College still accepting applications?
Yes! It’s not too late to apply for a course with us if you haven’t already. Check out our courses page to see what we have on offer or if you know exactly which course you’d like to study, click the ‘apply now’ button.
Is Leeds City College a professional place?
Yes! Our courses are based on industry needs and are designed to get you to higher education or top roles in leading industries.
What equipment do I need for my course?
Your tutor will be in touch with you over the summer period or in the first few weeks of term to let you know if you will require any equipment for your course.
When are interviews scheduled?
Once you have applied, our team will be in touch and will send you a Google Form link, this will then be followed up with a call from our staff.
When will applications open for September 2021?
We are still accepting applications for September 2020, however, if you are hoping to study at Leeds City College in 2021, applications will be open from October 2020.
When will I hear back from my application?
You should hear from us within a couple of weeks once you have submitted your application. If you still haven’t heard from us or are unsure of your next steps, please contact us.
When will college open?
At the moment, we are preparing to be fully open by September. However, this is dependent on new circumstances. We are following government guidelines from the Department for Education and Public Health England as well as monitoring local authorities.

External resources

If you need some extra support and guidance, these resources may be helpful.

  • Anxiety support

The pandemic is particularly challenging for those with anxiety.
AnxietyUK has provided access to therapy and advice.

  • Carers

If you are currently caring for someone else, you may benefit from support from CarersUK.

  • NHS symptom checker

If you’re feeling unwell, the NHS Covid-19 page has medical guidance.

  • NHS volunteer responders

If you’d like to help others, you can volunteer for the NHS.

  • Public Health England

The government’s health communications are publicly available.

  • Stay at home guidance

The government has published stay at home guidance for households.

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