What are the benefits?



Benefits of a traineeship

A traineeship will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to develop your employability skills and help you gain valuable work experience that your future employers seek. The aim is to develop you in order to progress on to a full apprenticeship programme, or into employment.

A traineeship also:

  • Enables you to develop your skills in a specific job role and/or industry, while providing relevant workplace experience for a future apprenticeship or employment.
  • Allows you to experience a specific job and industry prior to committing to a full apprenticeship.
  • Gives you support and guidance throughout the programme, allowing you to ‘make the most’ of your traineeship.

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Benefits for you as an employer

Traineeships provide an opportunity to find possible future apprentices, allowing you to conduct a ‘pre-apprenticeship trial’ that:

  • Allows you to provide valuable workplace experiences and education to the trainee in order for them to develop the necessary skills to prepare for an apprenticeship role.
  • The trainee has the opportunity to trial a similar role prior to applying for an apprenticeship; this reduces the chance of them starting an apprenticeship and withdrawing due to not liking the role.
  • Will help you promote the apprenticeships which you offer.
  • Allows existing employees to develop their skills by mentoring a trainee, and potentially facilitating a ‘placement project’.



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