At Leeds City College, our values put students first and are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to be an outstanding and market-led further education college that delivers excellence. To achieve this, our vision, mission, and values guide us as we continue to improve upon and expand our offering.

Our vision

“To be a UK leader in vocational and academic education.”

It’s not enough for us to provide vocational and academic education, we push ourselves to exceed the expectations of all of our stakeholders while providing our students with the best experience possible. By delivering excellence, we continue to work towards our vision to be a UK leader in vocational and academic education.

Our mission

“To create learning environments where every student can achieve their full potential.”

We continue to develop a market-led and high quality curriculum that focuses on key target markets. We offer students industry standard facilities and opportunities beyond the classroom, based on our network of strong industry links. By doing this, we create learning environments where every student can achieve their full potential.

Brand values

Our brand values allow us to deliver an education that meets the needs of each and every student. By letting our brand values guide us, we can continue to put students at the heart of everything we do.


We light the spark for learning and transforming lives.


Our enthusiasm for our subjects and industries is infectious. We believe that every student has a talent and we are determined to find it.


We set our sights high and help students aim even higher. We remove barriers to learning, allowing our students to travel further than ever before.


Everyone is treated as an individual who has something to learn and contribute.


We have strategic partnerships and influence in our industry and community networks. By working closely with industry partners, we create a curriculum that paves the way to our students’ dream careers.

Celebrate Individuality

We invest in diversity and pride ourselves on our devotion to equality. We believe every student has the right to learn and excel and we welcome students from all walks of life.

Leeds City College Brand Values
Leeds City College