Joe Moorhead


Job role
What does your role involve?

I work with the students to support them in sound lighting and set building.

Which course do you teach on?

Theatre Design and Production

How long have you taught on the course?

3 years

What aspects of theatre design and production do you specialise in?

Lighting, and set design, but I am a jack of all trades.


Educational background
What did you study and what level?

I have a degree in Stage Management and Technical Theatre

Where did you study?

Newcastle performance academy

Are you currently undertaking an MA or other qualifications?

Not currently


What is your experience of your industry?

I have been working backstage for 7 years, from amachure dramatics and drama schools, I have worked on Mathew Bournes, Ballet The Red Shoes, and currently I have been working as the technical manager for Leeds based company, MÖbious dance.


Your practice
How did your interest in theatre design and production begin?

I started out at a theatre school acting and quickly realized that I had an interest in backstage, from that I started to work on the shows from lighting sound and set building prospective, I then applied to study at leeds city college on the backstage course… that I now work on

What are the future ambitions for practice and/or research?

I am looking to do my Cert ED so I can be part of the teaching team and impart my knowledge on to future students


Shows and projects
What notable shows and/or projects have you worked on?

MÖbious dance, curious playgrounds ( current technical manager)
Worked on Mathew Bourns, red shoes ballet, at bradford alhambra

Leeds City College