Claire Dunkerly

Programme Manager L2/L3/Apprenticeships: Theatre Design and Production

Job role
What does your role involve?

Managing our backstage courses at the Quarry Hill Campus supporting both staff and students

Which course do you teach on?

I teach on the L3 Theatre Design & Production course

How long have you taught on the course?

I have taught Theatre Design and Production units at LCC for 16 years

What aspects of theatre design and production do you specialise in?

I specialise in Theatrical Make-up


Educational background
What did you study and what level?

BAHons Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies from The University of Chester
I studied Theatrical Make-up at GreasePaint
I have a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education and Training from The University of Huddersfield


What is your experience of your industry?

I created this course with a colleague to ensure learners had the opportunity to become skilled in a backstage role. My teaching experience includes supporting and assessing learners studying Theatre Design and Production units including wigs and theatrical make-up , production planning and working backstage on a production.


Your practice
How did your interest in theatre design and production begin?

I have always been fascinated with creative elements including make-up, wigs, costume and set and how they transform performers and spaces. It is the intricate technical and production details involved within the theatre design process that can really help to transport audiences to another world. I enjoy supporting young people through the production process and seeing how they overcome creative challenges.


Shows and projects
What notable shows and/or projects have you worked on?

Experienced working backstage on a wide range of internal and external theatre productions. I also enjoy delivering skills building workshops including theatrical make-up and sfx to children and adults. Before teaching I worked as a special effects make-up artist at a theme park transforming actors into characters.

Leeds City College