Anna Biktimirova

Course Leader (Engineering)

Art enthusiast, animal lover, eco hero.

Anna is a course leader within the diverse School of Engineering. She works as part of a team of professionals to deliver and teach engineering. She helps students achieve their best, as well as expand their horizons and develop a sense of pride in the work they do. With the wide range of resources, workshop tools, automated machines, and engineering software, the department is a playground for curious budding engineers.

“I really enjoy working at Leeds City College. It’s a great environment for me to share knowledge and learn from my colleagues and our students. I believe in encouraging learners to share their way of thinking and discover new ways of problem solving. In this department, students develop their individuality and skills while gaining invaluable qualifications.”

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Printworks Kitchen & Bar

Printworks Kitchen & Bar

Printworks Kitchen & Bar is a training academy which showcases some of the finest upcoming student talent in Yorkshire.

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