Studying from home

29th January 2021

The government’s national lockdown announcement means remote working and learning is currently taking place online.

We know remote learning can be challenging at times, so here are some useful tips to help you learn effectively from home.

Wake up

Set your alarm for the same time you would for school. This helps structure your day, giving you plenty of time to wake yourself up, have some breakfast and prepare for the day ahead.

Get dressed

Changing into some comfortable clothes when you wake up will help make you feel more productive.

Find a work space

Choose an area which is comfortable and quiet, away from noise and distractions. Set up a desk space somewhere, such as your kitchen table, so you can feel like you’re in a classroom. 


Make sure to schedule in regular breaks where you can stretch your legs, move around and get a drink or a snack. It’s a good idea to have some time away from your screen or phone during these breaks, leaving your brain feeling refreshed and ready to learn when you get back to your desk.

Stay organised

Try and use your college workbooks when studying, this will help to keep all your work in one place and will avoid the risk of losing any work. Find a safe place, such as a spare drawer, to keep your work in.


When you’ve finished learning for the day, pack up your things and move away from your workspace. This is really important, as it allows you to relax and reach a good study/life balance. 

Fresh air and exercise

Try to get some fresh air and exercise each day. During your breaks, head outside for five minutes to keep you feeling refreshed. At the end of your study day, try to get outside for a walk, this will really help to clear your mind and relax. 

We appreciate that working and learning from home can be difficult for many, and we’re here to support each student. Please get in touch with your tutor or mentor at the college if you want to have a chat.

There are also many local support groups who can help you through lockdown.


MindMate helps young people in Leeds find help with their mental health and wellbeing.


A mental health website for people in Leeds. Funded by the NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group, it brings together information from the NHS, Leeds City Council and the third sector into one single ‘go to’ place.

Take a look at the link in our Instagram bio to find out what local support you can get for mental health.

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