School Liaison team to give primary school pupils a taste of college with introductory workshops

12th August 2019

The School Liaison team embarked on their first primary school session in July. This will form a series of workshop sessions that will be hosted throughout the 2019/20 academic year from September.

Approximately 30 year 6 pupils from Shire Oak Primary visited Printworks Campus for the first workshop that included careers advice and a general overview of the provisions that are offered at the college. The students also participated in the Imaginary Worlds Project, a special public art exhibition due to open on Light Night in October. The event is being hosted at the new Quarry Hill Campus.

Introductory Workshops

Deputy Head of School Liaison, Danielle Choma said, “At the start of the next academic year, we will be developing the programme with primary schools to establish what is needed within the wider community and how we can bridge that gap and deliver aspirational events.”

“The full-day sessions will be offered in schools or at Leeds City College campuses and we will be liaising with curriculum areas to become involved in tailored activities after discussions with a number of schools in Leeds.”

Students had the chance to draw, paint and paste their interpretations of imaginary worlds on to their lanterns. Ranging from abstract impressions in colour and line to figurative and geological representations, the lanterns reflect the myriad of ideas of what makes a world in The Imaginary Worlds project.

“We would love to give pupils the opportunity to be part of Levi’s vision by contributing a lantern that they will individually decorate. Their creation would be one of 1000+ lanterns/worlds displayed in the exhibition.”

Leeds City College