Online learning a success for teaching student

24th June 2020

The recent pandemic has been a turning point in technology, with education and workforces communicating digitally. We caught up with Teaching Assistant Diploma Level 3 student, Caroline Kubat, on her experience of online learning.

What inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

My passion developed when I began volunteering at a local school, listening to children read. I then started supporting on school trips and covering school lunches, realising how much I enjoyed working with young people. The school acknowledged my enthusiasm and suggested I do a level 2 teaching assistant qualification. I loved studying the qualification and knew this was what I wanted to pursue a career in.

How has the recent pandemic affected your learning?

My experience of online learning has been extremely positive. Having two children and working full-time at a school can often put a strain on my studies, however learning from home has allowed me to study at my own pace and not have to worry about childcare. I often use Google Meet to speak with my tutor and class friends; we talk through assessments, access support and contribute ideas. Online learning has given me the time to carefully consider each piece of work and allows me to plan my time more effectively.

Which aspects of the teaching assistant programme have you enjoyed the most?

My tutor, Kim Popplewell, has been fantastic throughout the course. She not only supports us on our academic journey, but also offers valuable guidance and advice. She has been incredibly encouraging, constantly giving us the support and resources to excel in the course. Kim has also inspired me to complete a remote learning course focusing on special educational needs and mental health, which will be invaluable to me when offering support to young people in my role.

It feels bittersweet not to be finishing the course in class, however I’m proud of the progress I have made while learning at home and I’m delighted to have met my class mates and Kim.

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