Leeds City College Students’ Union election results announced

28th March 2019

The results of the Leeds City College Students’ Union (LCCSU) have been announced. It was a fantastic couple of weeks of campaigning and voting, with 4,639 votes cast by 1,909 voters.

Here are the newly elected members and what they hope to achieve.

LCCSU Elections 2019

President, Aqil Aziz.

“I would like to run more activities and trips for students and make sure everyone’s opinion is being heard. I am very keen to listen to the students and their concerns about college and making changes. I will be willing to do anything within my power to achieve results for the students, as they are my main concern.”

Education Officer, Ashley Agenor

“I would like to ensure that the quality standards of teaching in the college are met. I’d like to develop opportunities for students to express their views freely on teaching and learning and ensure that their voices are heard and acted on regarding their education.”

Equality and Diversity Office, Jenef Ngombo

“I will aim to hold a new series of events, aimed at getting more people involved in cultural appropriation to increase awareness.

“I’d like to raise social activity by running a weekly social club for the LGBTQ+ society so that we are able to come together as a community.”

Campaigns Officer, Yusuf Hussain

“My main aims are to encourage students to voice their thoughts and ideas, improve their lives and understand their views.”

HE Officer, Omran Saleem

“My focus is on valuing diversity and equality, protecting the environment, and giving HE a voice.”

Sports and Societies Officer, Umaid Khan

“My aim is to bring more people together with sports. I’d like to introduce more sports to the college so everyone can get involved and enjoy themselves. I’d like to advocate active lifestyles and broaden the demographic of people who enjoy it.”

Congratulations to all elected members!

Leeds City College