Hard work pays off for mum of three

4th September 2018

Kayti Blair was the winner of this year’s adult learner award. After taking time out of education, she returned to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher, while managing her home life and raising three children.

She has already secured a place to do her foundation degree at Leeds City College. We caught up with her to talk about her college experience and balancing family life.

Kayti Blair

What made you pick the course you studied?

I wanted to study to show my kids a better life and I wanted to work with children so I did level 3 support teaching and learning.

What was it that prompted you to go back to college?

My kids

 How did you balance college and family life? 

I really struggled managing placement college and my three children. They had to sleep out while I was at college.  My youngest, because she is not in school, had to stay out 3 nights so I could complete my placement hours.

You have secured a place to study for a foundation degree, with the hopes of becoming a teacher. Why teaching?  

I enjoy working with children and it’s such a rewarding job to see children developing also it works around my children.

What area do you want to specialise in?

I haven’t thought about this yet but I think it will be something creative like drama.

What are some of the challenges you faced during your course and what helped you overcome them?  

I struggled with one of our biggest assignments and it made me cry. I didn’t want to do it but my tutor spoke to me explaining the questions so I could understand and I got a pass.

What are some of the lessons you learned or things that inspired you during the course that have contributed to your success?

I really enjoyed the lessons on safeguarding they taught me so much and safeguarding is very important in the line of work I’m aiming for.

What was the feeling when you found out you had been nominated/won the Adult Student of the Year Award for your course?

When I received the email saying I’d been nominated I thought it was a scam. I spoke to my tutor and she told me it was correct, I was overwhelmed. My tutor never told me I won she kept it secret till I got called out I was in shock but so happy – I was crying.

What are some of the things about Leeds City College that contributed to your overall experience?

I really enjoyed college. My tutor was absolutely amazing she’s pushed me all the way because she knew I was capable.

Leeds City College