Hair, Beauty & Media Makeup students get involved in fashion show

25th October 2018

The School of Hair, Beauty & Media Makeup collaborated with award winning independent fashion designer, Bo Carter, to create an impressive fashion show at Printworks Kitchen & Bar.

The show incorporated Bo’s values, with aspects of sustainability, zero waste, ethical manufacturing and clothes that are not limited to body sizes or gender.

Bo Carter

Students showed off their skills and supported the show by putting their hair and beauty skills into practice on the models.

The aim of the show was to make people aware of ethics and ethical fashion, whilst raising money for mental health charity Fia Not Campaign. Fia was one of Bo’s models who took her own life last year. Her family set up this charity to raise money and awareness of mental health, communicating the message that there is not enough support for mental health sufferers.

Bo Carter chose Leeds City College as the venue for the fashion show as it’s important for students to see how the industry works outside of the classroom and educate about the appreciation of hand-made clothes and small businesses.

Bo Carter said: “Fashion as we know it is a very polluted business, we’re responsible for not being green on this planet so I think the right choices are so important for people to be making. Even if one person says, ‘I might not shop as much on the high street’. It’s not about buying my clothes, or other designers’ clothes but it could be about making your own clothes, recycling clothes, buying vintage, going on Ebay, whatever it is, as long as it’s not on the high street and you’re aware of it and responsible for what you’re wearing.”

One of Bo’s designers, Zlata Alekhno, explains how she got involved with Bo and this event “I was interning for Bo when I was at university and now work for her on a freelance basis. I was excited that there are designers in the north that are doing some great sustainable things.

“This show proved that we have designers in Leeds with a lot of talent and we don’t actually have to go to London to see this kind of creativity. Having the college involved was a chance for everyone to network, collaborate and be part of a creative project.

“It was also important to highlight mental health, as the industry can be very fast-paced, stressful and exhausting so I think young people need to look after themselves first and then take opportunities that come their way.”

Students involved in the project gained valuable insight into the fashion industry and learnt some important messages about sustainability and mental health along the way.

Leeds City College