Former Student, Freddie Bolt returns to deliver acting master class

3rd October 2018

Freddie Bolt is no stranger to the small screen. The Ackley Bridge star has been in the industry for over a decade and now owns an acting agency where he is helping young talent find their feet in theatre and TV.

After attending Leeds City College in 2009 where he graduated with a National Diploma in Acting, Freddie returned to teach a masterclass to a group of aspiring actors and actresses, giving them insight into the industry, as well as giving them some practical tips that will benefit them in the future.

Freddie Bolt

Each class lasted an hour long and there were several group exercises that included memorising scripts, understanding what method acting is and the importance of being natural as an actor.

Freddie said he was delighted to return to the place that had taught him so much and to impart wisdom to students looking to pursue acting as a career.

“I chose Leeds City College almost 10 years ago because it offered both the theoretical and practical grounding I needed.

“I am more of a kinetic learner, so I knew it would best suit me as opposed to going on to do A levels.”

Freddie took a gap year when he finished and then went on to study acting at the University of Lancashire (UCLan) in Preston, obtaining a first class degree before taking up acting full-time.

“I did a lot when I was younger.  I went to a stage school in Bradford and featured in six TV productions, including Bernard’s Watch, so I had a bit of experience.

“You get more work as a child than as an adult. However, as you get older it isn’t as easy. There is a lot more talent out there but, studying at LCC, taking time out and doing my training, allowed me to get the  practical skills and perspective I needed to understand the industry a bit more.”

Freddie, who now lives in Manchester, co-runs and works with Coronation Street star, Jack P Shepherd, who set up 13 Performing Arts School in Manchester.

“Jack and I run and teach students who are between the ages of 3-17. We have approximately 120 pupils.”

Freddie has also set up Red 13 Management to help his students get work experience in the industry.

“I want the students we are teaching to get into the industry. We have so many talented actors and actresses coming through our doors and I felt there was a need for us to push them to get there.”

“We now have a number of students on the West End and in CBeebies programmes.”

Alongside teaching and running the agency, Freddie is also filming the third season of Channel 4 production, Ackley Bridge where he plays Reece Murgatroyd.

“Reece’s character is completely different to mine. I have all my hair shaved off, as well as a tattoo on my neck. It is interesting to play somebody completely different to me because it gives me more of a challenge.”

Freddie encouraged aspiring actors to keep pressing to realise their dream of starring in TV, film or theatre and to have a desire to keep learning and growing.

“I think as an actor you need to be willing to take all the advice you can get but more importantly, to keep learning.”

“It is also key to have a plan B. If you are serious about working in the industry, find something that is directly linked, and work your way into it.”

Freddie is part of a tribute band which he mainly focuses on at weekends and has a few gigs lined up over the next few weeks.

“I am in a Take That tribute band and do that in my free time.”

Freddie, who has plans to act in a soap in the future, said he has a number of TV projects lined up and has recently filmed a pilot for an ITV drama.

Leeds City College