Acting student steals the limelight

8th February 2021

There’s nothing that acting student, Nigel Butler, enjoys more than the shine of the stage spotlight. 

Since taking part in a stage production at the 14+ Apprenticeship Academy, Nigel knew that acting was the career path he wanted to pursue.

Prioritising needs

Nigel decided to put his learning needs first by choosing to study within the 14+ Apprenticeship Academy at Leeds City College.

“At my previous school, I was struggling to achieve my target grades. I knew that a more focused and understanding environment would suit me better, so I joined the academy and loved everything about it.

“The academy allowed me to feel comfortable to explore hobbies I was previously too nervous to pursue, such as music and acting. The tutors were so friendly, allowing me to come out of my shell and focus on my studies. One tutor, Lewis Freer, taught me some invaluable life skills that have been so important to me over the past few years.”

A memorable experience

During his time at college, Nigel completed his GCSEs, Acting Level 2 Certificate and Acting BTEC Diploma Level 3.

“My time at college was amazing. I met some of my closest friends through college and all of the tutors were outstanding, always making sure I was engaged in the work and there to listen if I had any difficulties. 

“One fantastic memory at the academy was  where I joined a band, learned to play the guitar and performed at many parents’ evenings. I also got to play the dame in a performance, which got a hilarious reaction from the audience! 

“I also helped in devising and performing a production based on refugees seeking asylum. It was amazing to see how dedicated the tutors were, especially Danielle Bailey, who put so much effort into the production.”

Time to shine

After discussing options with tutors, Nigel decided to study acting at Liverpool John Moores University.

“My college tutors allowed me to discover my abilities and push myself to be better, constantly encouraging me to be proud of who I am. I decided to choose a course that would rigorously train me and give me the skills I need to succeed.

“Although most of my university studies are currently online, it feels like a really independent time of my life, full of freedom. So far, I have met amazing like-minded people and received so much support. We’re constantly encouraged to push boundaries and develop our craft.”

Delving into the world of acting

In the future, Nigel hopes to be working within film and television.

“I’m really excited to pursue a career that I love. During lockdown, I’ve been devising and writing my own music and short films.

“If it wasn’t for Leeds City College, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I’m so thankful to all of the tutors who believed in me.”

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