We want you to Get Involved. Be Creative. Stay Connected.

We’ve carefully curated a series of interactive activities and workshops you can take part in whilst Leeds City College is temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

We’ll run a series of weekly interactive activities on Instagram, such as creative challenges. We’ll link you up with fitness classes, wellbeing activities and anything else we might come across. ​Check out our weekly workshops below. Please tag @creativeartslcc to exhibit your submissions and we will add them to our online gallery.

Leeds City College’s Artist in Residence, Kelly Culver, will present two weekly creative workshops (Wednesday and Friday) that you can do at home. You don’t need specialist materials – Kelly has carefully created these workshops to only involve objects you likely already have in your house.

Most importantly, we want to see the work you’re creating. With your participation, connectivity and creativity we want to create a virtual community in the School of Creative Arts at Quarry Hill Campus. We’ll shortly curate a digital exhibition from the responses to our activities and workshops, alongside what you’ve been creating independently at home.

And finally, we will host digital exhibitions. We’re also hoping to host a gig, and maybe even a performance on Instagram. We have lots of ideas, but as the saying goes, start small and aim big. And that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Creative Ideas Gallery

Arty Activities

Colouring in with Camille Walala

CAMILLE WALALA is purveyor of positivity, expressed through vibrant colour and bold pattern. Her work, from the micro to the macro, harnesses optimistic typography and exuberant geometries to create environments that stimulate the senses and inspire joy.

Camille has produced outlines of her famous geometric artworks on buildings. You could either print these out and use colouring pencils, or you could colour in on your iPad, or perhaps use Adobe software such as Illustrator.

Visit her website here.

Louise Lawler’s Tracing’s for You

Louise Lawler’s work looks at the lives of artworks in museums, private collections, gallery backrooms, storage spaces, and auction houses, examining how meaning changes with different types of displays. She continuously re-presents, reframes, or restages her works, and revisits her own pictures by transferring them to different formats, making her photographs into paperweights, tracing drawings, and works she calls “adjusted to fit” (images stretched or expanded to fit where they are displayed).

The tracings are black-and-white line versions of her photographs of places where art is shown and experienced.

Download and colour here.

Virtual Museum Tours | LeedsList have selected a number of virtual Museum Tours

From Paris to Amsterdam, London to New York, you can peer into the coolest museums from around the world on these virtual tours.

Take your pick of 10 museums here.


The Happy Newspaper by Emily Coxhead

EMILY COXHEAD is a designer, illustrator and happy thing maker. In 2015 she published The Happy News, a newspaper celebrating only the good stuff going on around the world.

Read your daily dose of positive news here, perhaps share your favourite post with a friend here.


Grayson’s Art Club on Channel 4

Grayson’s Art Club hasn’t launched just yet, but it’s certainly one to keep an eye out for!

Here’s what we know, Grayson Perry is on a mission to help bring the nation together through art – and unleash the great British public’s creativity. Grayson, with the help of other leading artists, will try to teach us how to sculpt, draw and create. Not only will Grayson be speaking to famous artists, but he will also be speaking to you at home- are you an amateur watercolourist? A satirical meme creator? Photographer? Still life drawer? Grayson wants to see what you have been creating in quarantine. To keep the nation’s spirits up, Grayson will encourage viewers are artists alike to use this time in isolation to produce visual representations of the unique time we are living through as a community, at the end of which Grayson will display the art created in an exhibition that will chronicle the changing moods of Britain in isolation.

Download the source here.

Museum of Modern Art | FREE Online Art Classes

The Museum of Modern Art is a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration. With extraordinary exhibitions and the world’s finest collection of modern and contemporary art, MoMA is dedicated to the conversation between the past and the present, the established and the experimental.

Click the link here.


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