TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Oral Care for Health and Social Care

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Distance Learning

This course is ideal for those who wish to develop their knowledge of oral health care from beginners to care professionals. Oral health training for care staff is part of the care quality commission's requirements for people living in care homes

Course Information

Learn how to identify dental care problems and how to promote maintaining good oral health.


Units / Modules

  • Unit 1: Principles of oral health care
    • Section 1: Understand basic oral healthcare principles
    • Section 2: Know how to identify poor oral health
    • Section 3: Understand factors that can negatively affect oral hygiene and how to prevent them
    • Section 4: Understand the impacts of poor oral hygiene on other areas of health
  • Unit 2: Oral hygiene equipment and support
    • Section 1: Understand the equipment used to achieve good oral health
    • Section 2: Know when to seek advice from a professional
    • Section 3: Understand barriers individuals may face when accessing oral care
  • Unit 3: Principles of promoting a person-centred approach to oral hygiene
    • Section 1: Understand person-centred approaches
    • Section 2: Understand the importance of encouraging active participation
    • Section 3: Understand the importance of an individual’s wellbeing
    • Section 4: Understand the importance of developing care plans when providing oral hygiene for others
    • Section 5: Understand the benefits of loved ones being involved in care plans for oral hygiene
  • Unit 4: Principles for providing oral care in a health and social care setting
    • Section 1: Understand the importance of recording oral hygiene and dental treatments
    • Section 2: Understand the importance of consent
    • Section 3: Know when to seek advice from a professional on behalf of someone you care for
    • Section 4: Understand the importance of protective equipment
  • Unit 5: Providing oral care in care settings
    • Section 1: Understand how to provide oral care for those at end of life
    • Section 2: Understand oral care for those with dentures
    • Section 3: Understand oral care for those with medical conditions
    • Section 4: Know how to assess the mouth

Benefits / Skills

  • Flexible online delivery
  • Assessed via activities so no exams
  • Useful for personal development or seeking employment
  • Study at your own pace

Assessment Types

Written assessments, tasks, and activities.

Entry Requirements

Aged 19+, Level 1 English

Course Details


8-12 weeks

Study Type

Part time

Course Code


Yorkshire Centre for Training and Development
Leeds City College
Leeds City College