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Gain essential personal and business knowledge of the current cybersecurity threats. Learn how to mitigate these and understand the laws surrounding data protection. Use these skills to help with career prospects and progression.

Course Information

Learners will investigate the accidental and malicious security threats that exist to IT systems and data. They will learn about system vulnerabilities and the tools and techniques used to protect users from risks and potential damage, including loss of data, loss of data integrity and unauthorised access to data. Protect against botnets, zero-day attacks and rootkits.

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Who is this course for?

This single unit qualification is designed for learners to learn about cybercrime. They will understand routine protective methods used to maintain cybersecurity including the principles of vulnerability and penetration testing and user access control. While they can easily be offered as stand-alone bite-sized awards, the new qualifications could also be usefully combined with other units or qualifications into meaningful packages of learning.

Units / Modules

Cyber Security Award Level 2

Benefits / Skills

Learners will learn about cybercrime and the risks and effects it has on individuals and organisations.

Assessment Types

Portfolio of evidence - audio recording, presentation and assignment.

Career Progression

Cyber Security Practices Level 3

Cybersecurity Apprenticeship

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8 Weeks

Study Type

Part time

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Labour Market

Understand cyber threats


Understand protection methods

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Understand the legal requirements for businesses

School of Digital & IT
Leeds City College
Leeds City College