Professional Accounting Technician Apprenticeship Level 4

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This programme allows students to become a professional accounting/tax technician. With this role, you will have responsibility for creating or verifying and reviewing, accurate and timely financial information within the organisation.

Course Information

With this apprenticeship you will have met the core requirements that are common to two specialisms – accounting and tax. You will perform this role in-line with relevant ethical, professional and legal standards. This role may exist in an accounting practice, a professional services company, HMRC or the accounting function of a business or organisation.


Benefits / Skills

  • Developing technical knowledge of accounting and tax
  • Analysing, creating and interpreting financial information
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Planning and prioritisation
  • Producing high-quality and accurate information
  • Working in a team and collaborating
  • Using systems and processes
  • Entry Requirements

    The employer will agree entry requirements for these apprenticeships and these will depend on the role that they are advertising.

    Please check that you meet all essential criteria before applying for a position, you can find the details of these on the full vacancy description (links below). If you are unsure about this please contact the Apprenticeship Recruitment Team on 0113 284 6464.

    Career Progression

    Payroll Manager

    As a payroll manager you will maintains payroll information by designing systems and updating payroll records. In addition, you will prepare reports and recruit payroll staff.

    Assistant Management Accountant

    As an assistant management accountant you will be responsible for the management of daily banking and reconciliation. In addition, you will support senior management accountants and assist with month-end accounts.

    Course Details

    Study Type

    Full time

    Course Code


    Course Facts


    30% of small businesses place accountants at the top of the list of their trusted advisors.

    Extra Curriculum

    94.7% of apprentices found that our college induction was useful and provided them with the knowledge required for their course.

    Labour Market

    By 2020, 78% of small businesses will rely solely on cloud technology for their accounting needs.

    Course FAQs

    What are apprenticeships?

    Apprenticeships are work-based training programmes designed around employer needs that combine a qualification and employment. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills to match requirements through a mixture of on and off the job learning. Many employers now prioritise practical work experience when recruiting staff. By studying an apprenticeship, you get the best of both worlds, you can achieve a recognised qualification while gaining that all-important practical experience. Even better, you’ll earn a wage while working and studying, what’s not to like?

    How long do apprenticeships last?

    This will depend on the apprenticeship you want to complete. All of our apprenticeship course pages make it clear what the duration of the programme is, so please check these carefully.

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