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This course is ideal for anyone considering a career in business. You could be a sole trader or an entrepreneur planning to set up, or you could already be running a small business, such as a taxi driver or a hairdresser. Perhaps you’re just someone who wants to get to grips with understanding the basic processes and principles about running a business, either way, this course will help.

Course Information

Taking the form of a 12-week online programme, this course will introduce the core skills to prepare you for the world of work. You’ll learn basic single entry bookkeeping skills and understand the role of the bookkeeper and financial transactions, as well as how to set up accounts and do reporting. As we cover basic finance and administrative duties, you will also be exposed to accounting software packages and other basic accounting techniques or principles to give you a broader understanding of the business environment and how to better prepare for entering the world of business.

Units / Modules

1. Award in Business Skills

Learning outcomes:

  • Basic accounting techniques
  • Basic accounting principles
  • Understanding the business environment
  • Preparing for work

2. Award in Bookkeeping

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the role of the bookkeeper
  • Understand financial transactions
  • Process customer and supplier transactions
  • Process receipts and payments

3. Award in Account Software

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the benefits and risks of using accounting software
  • Set up accounts
  • Record bank and cash transactions
  • Produce reports using accounting software

Entry Requirements


Career Progression

Pass the course and you can progress onto other professional accountancy and business qualifications.

Course Details


12 weeks

Study Type

Part time

Course Code


University Centre Leeds

Leeds City College
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