ESOL for Driving in the UK

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This course is for ESOL adults and community students (men and women) to help them increase their confidence and learn new language skills for driving around the UK. This course is suitable for learners at Entry 2 and Entry 3 Levels. The language and vocabulary skills will include learning parts of a car, the motorway, etc. Learners will practice finding their way around the UK and how to ask for and give directions.

Course Information

Adult ESOL students will learn new language skills about driving a car in the UK. They will learn words and phrases that will help you understand what it takes to be able to drive in the UK such as roundabout, motorway, parking, following directions and responding in an emergency.


Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at Adult ESOL learners and give them a clear understanding of what to expect if they were to drive around the UK. This course will help them to get ready for their driving theory test and give you an insight of what to expect. It will introduce some of the important skills and vocabulary they will need to be ready to drive in the UK and pass their theory test. They will learn a variety of things that are useful if they want to learn how to drive.

For example, how to apply for the provisional licence? How to book the test? Checking the car before you start driving; Mirrors; Road signs; Theory test questions; Vocabulary your driving instructor may use when asking you to do things once you start taking your driving lessons.

Benefits / Skills

  • Increase English language and vocabulary skills.
  • Learn about driving in the UK
  • Prepare for you Driving Test

Entry Requirements

Aged 19+

Career Progression

ESOL accredited courses

Course Details


9 weeks

Study Type

Part time

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Course Facts


Learn Driving Language


Understand how to follow the UK Driving Code

Extra Curriculum

Prepare for you Driving Test

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