A levels and GCSEs Leeds Sixth Form


Our GCSE and A level qualifications cover a wide range of topics. GCSE programmes are offered on a part-time study basis and include English, Maths, Science / Applied Science, Astronomy and sometimes Human Health & Physiology.

A levels give you the opportunity to develop a rich and varied knowledge of academic disciplines, gain well-recognised qualifications, enter the working world at a higher level and progress to specialised degree courses. 

Whatever your career aspirations, we offer A level subjects to suit your ambitions. We also pride ourselves on having very high standards of attendance, punctuality and motivation in our A level classes and strive constantly to achieve first-rate outcomes for our students.

We teach a selection of A level subjects, providing you with further choice and opportunities in a more adult environment.

All courses are taught in the Leeds Sixth Form at our Park Lane Campus. The Centre includes state-of-the-art classrooms, science labs, chill-out spaces, and creative arts / media spaces – all to enhance your learning experience.

In 2014, Leeds City College celebrated after achieving its best ever A level results, with a 98% pass rate overall and with two thirds of A level programmes achieving 100% pass rates (where every student passed). 70% of A level programmes exceeded national pass rates.

A level Art
Art at A level is not necessarily just about being good at drawing or painting. It is more about learning how to work creatively and experimentally to develop and realise your ideas.
A level Biology
A level Biology is a course designed to develop understanding of a variety of key biological systems. This includes the components of cells, the molecules which make up living things
A level Business
Business Studies is about understanding how businesses are set up and how to make successful decisions in a changing business world.
A level Chemistry
The study of chemistry is driven by the desire to explain the behaviour of the materials around us. You will study in our specialist laboratories
A level English Language
A level English Language is designed for students who want to study the way language inspires the vast variety of written and spoken material in our society.
A level English Literature
A level English Literature will teach you how to analyse complex literary issues with the help of important critical ideas and theories.
A level Film Studies
A level Film Studies at Leeds City College is a challenging but very enjoyable course that will develop your appreciation and understanding of film
A level Geography
Geography is the study of Earth's landscapes, peoples, places and environments and so bridges the social and natural sciences.
A level Government & Politics
This course explores political and social issues, current affairs and how decisions affecting society are made.
A level History
This course introduces you to some of the most important subjects and problems in British and European economic, political and social history of the last 200 years.
A level Law
Studying A level Law provides you with the opportunity to gain a real insight into our legal system and the legal framework that underpins our society, and how this affects ordinary citizens.
A level Maths
A level Maths provides you with a thorough grounding in the mathematical tools and techniques often needed in the workplace. The modern world needs mathematicians.
A level Further Maths
A level Further Maths is a highly specialised and challenging course designed to broaden and deepen the mathematical knowledge and skills developed when studying A level Maths.
A level Media Studies
The A level Media course aims to help you develop a critical understanding of how media is used, not only as a form of entertainment but as a means of communication and representation of the world.
A level Music
A level Music aims to provide you with skills and knowledge in the areas of solo and ensemble performance, composing, and developing musical understanding.
A level Philosophy
Studying philosophy will help you to develop critical analysis; reasoning; evaluation skills; problem solving skills; research skills and will encourage you to express yourself coherently.
A level Photography
The course is an exploration of the practice, theory and art of photography which introduces you to a wide range of influences, approaches and technologies, both digital and analogue.
A level Physics
Physics is an exciting subject which aims to explain how things work from the smallest of particles to the immensity of galaxies and the universe.
A level Psychology
The course aims to give insight into psychology as a science. The course is designed to develop your knowledge of psychological approaches, theories, concepts and methods, and of how science works.
A level Religious Studies
A level Religious Studies covers a wide range of key topics: including the nature of God/Gods, life after death, challenges from science and the nature and role of religion.
A level Sociology
The sociology course involves the study of society and its effect on the individual. You will study how people are influenced by background factors such as class, gender and ethnicity.
A level Textiles
A level Textiles explores the use of traditional materials, techniques and processes to communicate and demonstrate your individual ideas.
Step-up Pathway
You work towards five GCSE qualifications. The course is for students aged 16 - 18 who have not previously sat GCSEs