How to upload your results

Here’s everything you need to know about uploading your results to Leeds City College. Follow these steps to upload your results and progress your enrolment.

  1. Click on the link in the pre-enrolment form.
  2. There will be a line at the top of the page that reads: “Not yet set your password? Please click here.” Use that option by clicking the link and entering the email address you used for your Leeds City College application to set your password.
  3. Use your selected email address and your new password to login to the form.
  4. Input your personal details on the form and upload up to five photos of your results.
  5. If you would like to enrol on a course different to the one you have been offered/the one on your pre-enrolment form, please state this in the box entitled, “If these offers are no longer what you want to do”, along with the course you would like to enrol on to.
  6. Check all the information you have provided and then once you are happy, please submit the form.

Please note, you will not receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your form, however, Leeds City College will be in touch to complete your enrolment. If there are any problems with the information you have provided, please don’t worry as we will contact you.

If you need to speak to us, or don’t get the relevant form you are expecting, please email